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From Hicham Haichour <>
Subject Sharepoint connection " Site does not exist "
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:38:02 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'm using ManifoldCF to access documents stored in a sharepoint 2010

After setting up the repository connection, I get this message : The site
at http://**********/sites/CloudPackageITSolutions did not exist.

But if I choose the Sharepoint 2003 option in the menu, I get a message
saying that the connection is working, I can see the libraries in my
sharepoint site while setting up the rules but when I start the job it ends
quickly and nothing gets committed to Solr.

I am sure that the sharepoint server I need to access is not a 2003 one.
Could you please help me fixing this ?

Thank you.


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