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From Jan Kossow <>
Subject Issue with windows share access rights
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2014 11:23:55 GMT
Hi users,

I have a strange behavior here. I use ManifoldCF together with solr. My only repositories
are some windows shares which are configured in an active directory topology. If I type in
the domain administrator as access user in the repository connection definition and run a
crawl job on this everything works fine. All files can be seen in the solr index afterwards.

Now I created a special user called solrindexer in the active directory. I gave this user
read rights to all the shares and also the files and directories on these shares which I like
to index in my jobs.

If I use a normal file browser like Windows Explorer to access the shares with this user everything
is ok. I can see and access all the files on this share. Unfortunately ManifoldCF does not
"see" these files. In the path definition of the jobs I can choose the folders of the repository
so if I can see them here the access rights should be ok, I thought. But the job does not
give out any files out to solr. As soon as I switch back to the administrator to crawl the
shares, everything works fine again.

I really double and triple checked the access rights of the user solrindexer. I also tried
to grant this user full access rights but the result is always the same.

How can I diagnose this further? In the simple History of MCF I only see job start and job
end. In the Document Status report I can see many Identifiers with State Processed, status
Inactive and Scheduled Action Unknown. The identifiers only point to folders, though. There
is not a single file in the list. In the path definitions of the job I defined to index all
directories and files. Again, with the administrator user this job works without any change
to the job itself and I also can see all the processed files in the document status report.

Does somebody of you have any advices for me?


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