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From Marisol Redondo <>
Subject Metadata adjuster
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:42:40 GMT

I'm trying to use metadata adjuster to add one field to the solr index but
doesn't inject the field into a solr's field.
Maybe I'm misundertaning the use of the metada adjuster, but I have read in
the documentation (
US/end-user-documentation.html) that I can add metadata to the document
that is going to be indexed into solr, but the solr instance gave me the
error "missing required field: facetContentType".

ManifoldCF Job pipeline:
1. Repository (type web repository)
2. Transformation (Tikka Metadata Extractor)
3. Transformation (type Metada Adjuster)
4. Output (Solr 6)

ManifoldCF Job Metadata Expressions tab:
  Parameter name: "facetContentType"
  Remove this parameter: false
  Expresion: xxxx  (the literal text value I want in facetContentType)

Solr schema:
  <field name="facetContentType" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true"

The error logged in ManifoldCF is:
      Error from server at http://solrServer:port/solr/c
<http://revnetsolrdev:8983/solr/sites>ore: [doc=https://....../index.aspx]
missing required field: facetContentType.

Thanks for your help

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