I have formatted it so you have all the information

Name:  Sites solr dev       Description:  sites core in solr dev
Connection type: Solr Max connections: 10
User ID=
ZooKeeper znode path=
Socket timeout=900
Server remove handler=/update
Included mime types=
Use extract update handler=true
Solr created date field name=
ZooKeeper client timeout=60
Solr modified date field name=
Solr core name=sites
Server protocol=http
Server name=solrdev
Server status handler=/admin/ping
Excluded mime types=
Maximum document length=
Server port=8983
Connection timeout=60
Solr type=standard
Solr filename field name=
Commit within=
Solr id field name=id
Solr mime type field name=
ZooKeeper connect timeout=60
Server update handler=/update/extract
Server web application=solr
Solr original size field name=
Solr indexed date field name=
Solr content field name=
ZooKeeper hosts: Host Port:
localhost 2181

Arguments: Name Value
No arguments

Connection status: Connection working