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From Olivier Tavard <>
Subject Best practices for Postgresql configuration
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2017 14:43:05 GMT

Hi community,

I have some questions regarding Postgresql tuning performance.

I configured the MCF Postgresql database with the recommended parameters in this page :

But maybe some sections are outdated and I would like to know if the recommandations are still
valid for current version of MCF.

1) The documentation says that MCF was tested for different versions of PostgreSQL up to 9.3.
Is it OK to run MCF with Postgresql versions beyond 9.3 ?
I know that this question is often present in the mailing list but it would be good to know
if people use it in production without problem.
There is also the 10.0 version released few days ago, did someone already test it with MCF

2) Some parameters recommended for the postgresql.conf do not longer exist in newer versions
of Postgresql like checkpoint_segments (replaced in 9.4 version by min_wal_size <>
and max_wal_size <>).
Is there anything new regarding these parameters since the creation of the documentation ?
Do you recommend new settings ?

3) Regarding full vacuum operation, I imagine that it is better to do this operation when
MCF is not busy, I mean when there is no job running ? Do we need to pause the jobs in MCF
in order to do so for example ?
And what is the recommended frequency to perform it ? Some people say each month, others each
day, I would be interested by your recommendation !

We have some customers with a very large volumetry for the Windows Share repository connector
and we try to tweak the Postgresql configuration for increase MCF performance.
So it would be great to know how MCF users optimize the Postgresql configuration for their


Olivier TAVARD

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