The plans look good for the carrydown execution, so I have to conclude that the long-running queries are due to other considerations -- perhaps concurrent vacuuming, perhaps other queries pounding the database.

Sharepoint is especially hard on the carrydown table -- it gets huge.


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since nobody responded, we started to experiment.



AWS RDS Postgres 9.6.3

db.m4.xlarge (4 cores, 16 GB RAM)

provisioned iops 4000


Indexing Performance for most jobs is pretty good, except a for a bigger sharepoint crawl (~200.000 docs).


We are seeing a lot of long running queries for the tables carrydown here.





(due to this discussion we left autovac on:


CPU Usage of the Database is between 15% and 35%


Are we hitting bad auto optimiziations of the newer postgresql version?


Many thanks in advance,