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From 白井 隆/ Shirai Takashi <>
Subject Contribution help for the Confluence connector patch
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2018 00:54:06 GMT
Hi, there.

I've just made the patch to extend mcf-confluence-connector.
The official site says that I can create a JIRA ticket for improvements.
But I cannot access the JIRA via the firewall in our office.
Can someone create a ticket instead of me?

The patch is attached to this mail.
o Support the page type 'blogpost' as well as 'page'. (*1)
o Include the Japanese message catalog.
[Bug Fix]
o Ugly message when the 'Port' value is invalid.
o Ugly message of 'Process Attachments' in 'View a Job'.
o Some null pointer exceptions.

Confluence has 2 different types of page.
The current connector can only find 'page' typed pages.
This extension can find both of them selectively.


Nintendo, Co., Ltd.
Product Technology Dept.
Takashi SHIRAI
PHONE: +81-75-662-9600
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