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From Andy Thomson <a10008...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (FTPSERVER-189) After the renaming FileObject->FtpFile the method FileSystemView#getFileObject should renamed
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 09:35:35 GMT
Anrea, Niklas,

Looks like I'll be the one making the local changes :-O.  FileObject is 
more accurate.  I don't use the commons VFS package, so was not aware of 
a clash.  Maybe FtpFileObject?

  |                |
  | FtpFileObject  |
  |                |
  | +-----------+  |
  | | metadata  |  | ----> database, etc
  | +-----------+  |
  | +-----------+  |
  | |  content  |  | ----> local disk, remote storage via
  | +-----------+  |       InputStream, OutputStream

The "object" is actually quite nice as it's self-contained as far as 
handling information and content about itself.  Just by using different 
streams, FtpOutputStream, FtpInputStream, GzipCompressionStream, 
TeeStream, and so forth, one has a lot of control over where the content 
[and metadata] can be directed.  It also lends itself nicely to caching 
and serialization sans the content.  FtpFileObject with an emphasis on 
the "object" is a pretty good description of it.


Andrea Francia wrote:
> Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
>> On 10/6/08, Andy Thomson <a10008051@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> In my opinion, I would leave the FileObject as-is, if it's really 
>>> causing
>>> issues, make changes in a local copy.  I suspect though, that as the 
>>> world
>>> moves to more object-based storage, the local changes will be a major
>>> problem.  It's not just a simple name change, it's what it represents 
>>> :-).
>> I guess I might not be as forward thinking :-) I've changed the name
>> from FileObject to FtpFile. The reason being that I've always found
>> "FileObject" being such a wierd name (what is not an object in a Java
>> API?). I'll be happy to change the name again if someone has a good
>> idea for what it should be called. I'm not happy with FileObject, but
>> as always I could be persuaded.
> The FileObject name will clash with the 
> org.apache.commons.vfs.FileObject in the case a Developer using Ftplet 
> decide to use the common-vfs to implements its FileSystemView.
> FtpFile is not so good but IMHO is better than FileObject. I don't known 
> a better name.

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