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From Andrea Francia <and...@andreafrancia.it>
Subject Re: Why FtpFile#listFiles() require that the file list is ordered?
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 18:29:40 GMT
Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
>> About my embedded customized ftp server, I think that I should choose what
>> to do.
> You can always choose what you like to do, but you should be made
> aware that your break the contract. Again, this is perfectly okay but
> your on your own when it comes to the consequences.

But the javadoc does not tell me the consequences...
The contract should state the penalties in case of not breaks.
If the penalty is only that the ftp client can not have the ordered list 
I can afford this.
If the server hangs or throw some exception I can't.

Inform me (not really me the ftplet implementor) and let me (again not 
really me) choose.

>> The ordered list clause is contained in the Ftplet interface not in the
>> ftpserver default implementation.
> Yes... like many other things specified in the interfaces. Many of
> which that might not required under special circumstances, however,
> our interfaces are defined to be used in typical FTP server
> implementations, all of which should return an ordered list. 

Then we can say in the Javadoc, "Although there is no a ordering 
requirements the standard
implementation will always return an ordered list".

> I'm
> sorry, but mock implementations are not our target for our API 

It's not a problem for me, it is an example where is not useful.

Andrea Francia

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