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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.2 Released
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 08:25:07 GMT
Hi All,

The MyFaces PMC is proud to announce a new and great release of MyFaces 
Tomahawk [1].

MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.2 is a set of JavaServer(tm) Faces 1.1 compatible 
custom and extended standard components and other JSF goodies.

Please note: This is the first Tomahawk release that is fully independent 
of the MyFaces Core Implementation. From now on you can use any Tomahawk 
release with any MyFaces Core release with a release number greater than 
1.1.2 as well as any other JavaServer(tm) Faces 1.1 compliant 

Find below a list of bugs that have been fixed in this release. There is 
also a number of new features and improvements.



Release Notes - MyFaces Tomahawk - Version 1.1.2

** Bug
     * [TOMAHAWK-20] - pageDirection layout for selectManyCheckbox not 
rendered correctly
     * [TOMAHAWK-104] - dataScroller "divide by zero" error should be 
changed to a "missing row attribute" error
     * [TOMAHAWK-132] - ExtensionsFilter calls addResource.parseResponse() 
on non-HTML responses
     * [TOMAHAWK-136] - Schedule component:  Add rowheight property to the 
detailed view (Day View) similar to MonthRowHeight, compactWeekRowHeight
     * [TOMAHAWK-139] - Some fixes to inputSuggestAjax component
     * [TOMAHAWK-150] - custom ScheduleEntryRenderer is applied to all 
schedule components in the same application
     * [TOMAHAWK-152] - t:selectOneRadio and t:radio should do the same 
when check the selected item
     * [TOMAHAWK-156] - DataList doesn't validate or update model in 1.1.2 
     * [TOMAHAWK-164] - CompareToValidator and EqualValidator does not work 
on generic EditableValueHolders, only UIInput subclasses (ADF Faces)
     * [TOMAHAWK-172] - UIColumns does not support java.util.Set
     * [TOMAHAWK-181] - Picklist does not support non-string values
     * [TOMAHAWK-187] - ClassCastException using panelTabbedPane in nightly 
     * [TOMAHAWK-196] - PopupCalendar & <base href=""> tag
     * [TOMAHAWK-198] - Extra jar in simple examples
     * [TOMAHAWK-201] - Null pointer exception in 
     * [TOMAHAWK-203] - Triggering of JavaScript with JSCookMenu broken.
     * [TOMAHAWK-215] - The  content of the facet "detailStamp" in 
t:datatable is not decoded/validated/updated
     * [TOMAHAWK-216] - TabChangeListener not invoked
     * [TOMAHAWK-219] - stateChangedNotifier does not use ValueBinding for 
the confirmation message
     * [TOMAHAWK-239] - aliasbean + aliasing a member + binding = fails
     * [TOMAHAWK-242] - AddResourceFactory throws Exception
     * [TOMAHAWK-257] - tomahawk xml parser: Ignored element 'servlet-name' 
as child of 'filter-mapping'.
     * [TOMAHAWK-266] - Master-detail example not working
     * [TOMAHAWK-267] - Collapsible panel in datatable gets jammed
     * [TOMAHAWK-268] - Date tag does not display properly, javascript 
errors are returned
     * [TOMAHAWK-269] - JSCookMenu can't be used as a child of a form, and 
AddResources code for custom themes is incomplete
     * [TOMAHAWK-270] - The first part of the examples-config.xml file for 
the sandbox examples is missing
     * [TOMAHAWK-271] - AddResource has changes that break custom classes 
and JSP pages using javascriptLocation
     * [TOMAHAWK-272] - commandLink not working inside dataList
     * [TOMAHAWK-273] - <t:inputCalendar/> stops working with Facelets
     * [TOMAHAWK-274] - HtmlDataTable.getClientId() should use info() not 
warn() when using forcedIdIndex
     * [TOMAHAWK-275] - No way to make selection from code in Tree2
     * [TOMAHAWK-276] - The facet for popup component only accept 
components with children
     * [TOMAHAWK-277] - inputCalendar localized month names problem
     * [TOMAHAWK-278] - t:tree2: javascript error in some version of IE
     * [TOMAHAWK-279] - InputSuggestAjax does not work when 
     * [TOMAHAWK-280] - selectOne[Country/Language]@maxLength VB ignored
     * [TOMAHAWK-281] - tree2 affected by changes to UIViewRoot
     * [TOMAHAWK-282] - AddResource should use the current character 
     * [TOMAHAWK-283] - InputDate(s) within dataTable submitting incorrect 
     * [TOMAHAWK-284] - Calendar popup is incorrectly positioned inside 
scrolling div
     * [TOMAHAWK-285] - HtmlCalendarRenderer doesn't respect enclosed 
converted when encoding
     * [TOMAHAWK-286] - AddResource uses static StringBuffer 
     * [TOMAHAWK-287] - tomahawk HtmlSelectOneMenuTag has no setter 
corresponding to TLD declared attribute 'escape'
     * [TOMAHAWK-288] - AjaxPhaseListener does not work with forceId
     * [TOMAHAWK-289] - [tree2] Cannot dynamically add or delete nodes
     * [TOMAHAWK-290] - Exception in inputDate
     * [TOMAHAWK-291] - Popup component  renders an empty box at the 0px 
origin in addition to the offset popup window IF margin-top:-0px or 
margin-left:0px; are set to a value other than 0px  (200px for example)
     * [TOMAHAWK-292] - AddResource is outputting the resource under the 
<thead> if it exists in a datatable
     * [TOMAHAWK-293] - ScheduleUtil.truncate does not truncate dates 
     * [TOMAHAWK-294] - <t:commandSortHeader> is not disabled if attribute 
'enabledOnUserRole' is used and user isn't in role
     * [TOMAHAWK-295] - x:datascroller does not have the immediate 
attribute to by pass the validation and update model phase
     * [TOMAHAWK-296] - tree2 TreeState wrong after node 
deletion/reposition, causes Servlet Exception
     * [TOMAHAWK-297] - AddResource creates invalid body tag
     * [TOMAHAWK-298] - t:dataScroller fires unnecessary 
     * [TOMAHAWK-299] - inputSuggestAjax: missing javascript file 
MyFaces.js when specifying attribute "javascriptLocation"
     * [TOMAHAWK-300] - tree2 server-side-toggle example: Encountered a 
node [0:0:0] + with an illogical state...
     * [TOMAHAWK-301] - Javascript error in <x:inputCalendar> component
     * [TOMAHAWK-302] - Problem w/ InputSuggestAjax popup suggestion list
     * [TOMAHAWK-303] - popupcalendar.js try clause error
     * [TOMAHAWK-304] - date.js in inputCalendar isn't compatible with IE
     * [TOMAHAWK-305] - [tree2] Selected node is lost when navigating to 
another page
     * [TOMAHAWK-306] - Problem using JSF input components with DataList
     * [TOMAHAWK-307] - IE6: NPE in JavaScript when using <t:calendarInput>
     * [TOMAHAWK-308] - 500 error w/ collapsiblePanel example
     * [TOMAHAWK-309] - x:dataTabel not displaying the correct values
     * [TOMAHAWK-310] - <t:inputHtml doesn't work when using it with Custom 
Object that encapsulates a String value
     * [TOMAHAWK-311] - Javascript conflict between x:tree2 and 
     * [TOMAHAWK-312] - serverSideTabSwitch attribute in x:panelTabbedPane 
shows wrong behaviour
     * [TOMAHAWK-313] - Non-standard behaviour of t:navigationMenuItem (in 
t:jscookMenu) breaks facelets
     * [TOMAHAWK-314] - Typo in t:htmlTag documentation
     * [TOMAHAWK-315] - JsValueChangeListener has a JavaScript error if the 
index chnages on a datatable
     * [TOMAHAWK-316] - tomahawk.tld contains <p> <i> tags within 
description tag
     * [TOMAHAWK-317] - aliasBean which includes elements with valueBinding 
attribute crashes during restoreView
     * [TOMAHAWK-318] - t:commandNavigation2 will dont render 
navigationMenuItems childs
     * [TOMAHAWK-319] - Tomahawk HtmlCollapsiblePanelTag has no setter for 
     * [TOMAHAWK-320] - myfaces examples support for JSP 1.2 / Servlet 2.3 
     * [TOMAHAWK-321] - Using  t:navigationMenuItem inside a form is not 
working. Id assign  problemm.
     * [TOMAHAWK-322] - InputSuggestAjax: False Encoding with German 
     * [TOMAHAWK-323] - <x:commandLink/> Atrribute  'value' is not rendered 
in combination with 'enabledOnUserRole'
     * [TOMAHAWK-324] - inputCalendar : Internationalization problem
     * [TOMAHAWK-325] - gets an ClassCastException on using forceId and 
forceIdIndex  in t:HtmlSelectOneRadio along with Myfaces and facelets
     * [TOMAHAWK-326] - t:dataList does not style <li> elements
     * [TOMAHAWK-327] - t:inputDate with popupCalendar=true broken in 
latest subversion checkout
     * [TOMAHAWK-328] - JSCookmenu cannot be used for storing data
     * [TOMAHAWK-329] - inputTextHelp doesn't work with german Umlaute
     * [TOMAHAWK-330] - JavaScript error on AccordionPanel
     * [TOMAHAWK-331] - DataScroller: Wrong infos with an empty collection
     * [TOMAHAWK-332] - ClassNotFoundException: 
     * [TOMAHAWK-333] - Tomahawk HtmlCollapsabiblePanelTag and 
SelectOneCountryTag have no setter for "enableOnUserRole"
     * [TOMAHAWK-334] - Tree2 Expand/Collapse Handled By Server does not 
work (old opened issue MYFACES-291 still here)
     * [TOMAHAWK-335] - HtmlDataList.processDecodes processes its children 
     * [TOMAHAWK-336] - schedule detailed view sometimes renders entries 
that should be invisible
     * [TOMAHAWK-337] - incompatible change to jscookMenu
     * [TOMAHAWK-338] - Overflow problem with InputSuggestAjax
     * [TOMAHAWK-339] - InputDate doesn't parses submitted seconds
     * [TOMAHAWK-340] - inputDate (calendar) and French Locale
     * [TOMAHAWK-341] - Links to schedule examples don't work
     * [TOMAHAWK-342] - tomahawk.tld and myfaces_ext.tld is malformed 
errors in weblogic log
     * [TOMAHAWK-343] - wrong component type for InputSuggest prevents 
     * [TOMAHAWK-344] - Error in displaying <t:inputCalendar> on a page
     * [TOMAHAWK-345] - Tomahawk column tag gets: Unable to find setter 
method for attribute: footerstyleClass
     * [TOMAHAWK-346] - Patch for detail row in t:dataTable
     * [TOMAHAWK-347] - Setting AccordionPanel style
     * [TOMAHAWK-348] - x:updateActionListener inside x:navigationMenuItem
     * [TOMAHAWK-349] - Apply patch to allow variable day cell height
     * [TOMAHAWK-350] - Some old files should be removed from the schedule 
     * [TOMAHAWK-351] - focus component
     * [TOMAHAWK-352] - x:inputDate time format
     * [TOMAHAWK-353] - Improve documentation for tomahawk dataTable
     * [TOMAHAWK-354] - Javadoc for 
     * [TOMAHAWK-355] - Minor tweak to AddResource to make writing unit 
tests easier
     * [TOMAHAWK-356] - Tying InputSuggestAjax to dojo
     * [TOMAHAWK-357] - Adding new features to inputAjax component
     * [TOMAHAWK-358] - AddResource unit test
     * [TOMAHAWK-359] - Javadoc patch for UISaveState component
     * [TOMAHAWK-360] - tld update: commandNavigation2 also needs disabled* 
     * [TOMAHAWK-361] - Schedule month view mode, shown interval
     * [TOMAHAWK-362] - Allow user to supply their own tree2 id scheme 
using new TreeWalker interface
     * [TOMAHAWK-363] - better customisation features for schedule 
     * [TOMAHAWK-364] - Improve documentation for t:updateActionListener
     * [TOMAHAWK-365] - Adding tableSuggest feature to inputSuggestAjax
     * [TOMAHAWK-366] - Server Side Tab Switching in panelTabbedPane not 
     * [TOMAHAWK-367] - NavigationMenuItem javadoc
     * [TOMAHAWK-368] - modify NewspaperTable columnClasses to be more 
     * [TOMAHAWK-369] - Document outstanding issue with dataTable, 
commandSortHeader and input components
     * [TOMAHAWK-370] - Convert Tomahawak index.xml to index.apt
     * [TOMAHAWK-371] - AddResources javadoc enhancements
     * [TOMAHAWK-372] - cannot use AddResource class to add resources of 
own components

** Improvement
     * [TOMAHAWK-169] - add message attribute to all validators
     * [TOMAHAWK-171] - Some improvements to inputSuggestAjax component
     * [TOMAHAWK-174] - Enhancement on SubFormRenderer to allow partial 
form submits using Javascript
     * [TOMAHAWK-185] - Some fixes and new features to inputSuggestAjax 
component (tableSuggest)
     * [TOMAHAWK-199] - improvements to inputSuggestAjax component
     * [TOMAHAWK-200] - improvements to inputSuggestAjax component
     * [TOMAHAWK-224] - Making Ajax components work properly in dataTables
     * [TOMAHAWK-398] - Extension filter misconfigured causes no warning.

** New Feature
     * [TOMAHAWK-165] - ifMessage tag that renders children only if there 
is a message for the specified component(s)
     * [TOMAHAWK-225] - New component TableSuggestAjax

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