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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] release of MyFaces Tomahawk v 1.1.10
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 18:48:52 GMT
The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of Apache MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.10.

MyFaces Tomahawk provides a series of JavaServer Faces components that go beyond the JSF specification.
These components are compatible with the Sun JSF 1.1 Reference Implementation (RI) or any
other JSF 1.1 compatible implementation. Of course the custom components can also be used
with the Apache JSF implementation "MyFaces Core".

There are also artifacts (tomahawk12 and tomahawk20) with enhanced compatibility with JSF
1.2 and JSF 2.0

MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.10 is available in both binary and source distributions.


MyFaces Tomahawk is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.tomahawk".

Release Notes - MyFaces Tomahawk - Version 1.1.10


    * [TOMAHAWK-800] - IinputHTML editor does not work for <object><embed>
    * [TOMAHAWK-827] - inputHtml
    * [TOMAHAWK-1217] - InputCalendar references a message from a MyFaces property file (Does
not work when being used with Sun RI)
    * [TOMAHAWK-1352] - The Status of DataTable wasn't saved when use HashMap to reserve DataSource.
    * [TOMAHAWK-1358] - getTableIndex: Integer to String (ClassCastException)
    * [TOMAHAWK-1375] - t:selectItems without var causes NullPointerException under Pluto
    * [TOMAHAWK-1378] - DetailStamp values overwritten if no datatable
    * [TOMAHAWK-1403] - t:selectItems behaviour with Map values is weird
    * [TOMAHAWK-1426] - Next and Previous facets
    * [TOMAHAWK-1439] - org.apache.myfaces.webapp.filter.servlet.ServletExternalContextWrapper
does not wrap getRequestCharacterEncoding()
    * [TOMAHAWK-1443] - StreamingAddResource introduces memory leak
    * [TOMAHAWK-1447] - Invalid JavaScript in myFacesUtils.js in function myFacesKupuFormSubmit()
    * [TOMAHAWK-1448] - InputHtmlRenderer: Missing xmlns:i18n declarations in various HTML
    * [TOMAHAWK-1454] - [myfaces-example-simple-1.1.9] Panel stack example fails with NPE
    * [TOMAHAWK-1460] - ClassCastException when testing Tomahawk 1.1.9 table demos when preserveDataModel="true"
    * [TOMAHAWK-1463] - Data Scroller renders the paginator twice.
    * [TOMAHAWK-1469] - CAPTCHA renderer throws exception when session is missing
    * [TOMAHAWK-1475] - NullPointerException in UpdateActionListener caused by getType()
    * [TOMAHAWK-1482] - HtmlTableRendererBase produces invalid html if row is not available
    * [TOMAHAWK-1483] - Build Failure on Maven 2.2.1
    * [TOMAHAWK-1487] - ClassCastException when rendering HtmlDataScroller with core 2.0
    * [TOMAHAWK-1489] - inputHtml does not work with firefox 3.6
    * [TOMAHAWK-1494] - HtmlMessageRenderer evaluates value expressions of not rendered components
    * [TOMAHAWK-1496] - HtmlTreeRenderer 'background-image' incorrect html style attribute
    * [TOMAHAWK-1509] - t:documentBody should call ExtensionsPhaseListener.writeCodeBeforeBodyEnd()
only for AddResource instances that does not buffer
    * [TOMAHAWK-1510] - Add t:documentHead and t:documentBody ability to render target panels
    * [TOMAHAWK-1515] - f:ajax event not triggered inside t:calendar
    * [TOMAHAWK-1516] - t:toggleLink render end when enabledOnUserRole is used
    * [TOMAHAWK-1517] - t:selectOneRow does not handle integers
    * [TOMAHAWK-1519] - t:selectManyPicklist does not handle displayValueOnly
    * [TOMAHAWK-1520] - t:popup implements EventAware but does not render all properties
    * [TOMAHAWK-1531] - Components does not render id when required
    * [TOMAHAWK-1534] - t:dataTable detailStamp facet sometimes is not saved
    * [TOMAHAWK-1535] - t:dataTable detailStamp does not work well with jsf 2 ajax
    * [TOMAHAWK-1536] - t:dataList needs to implement invokeOnComponent and visitTree
    * [TOMAHAWK-1537] - t:datatable updateModelFromPreservedDataModel does not take into account
vb.getType could not return the right type
    * [TOMAHAWK-1539] - t:tree2 uses UIGraphic as component for render navigation, but on
ri it does not render border="0"
    * [TOMAHAWK-1540] - t:tree2 navigation, expand and collapse image component manipulation
does not work well with PSS on JSF 2
    * [TOMAHAWK-1541] - detailStamp state should be deleted on deleteRowStateForRow in t:dataTable
    * [TOMAHAWK-1544] - broken
    * [TOMAHAWK-1545] - Components inside detailStamp facet requires clientId reset each time
setRowIndex is called
    * [TOMAHAWK-1549] - t:commandNavigation and t:commandNavigation2 has wrong DEFAULT_RENDERER_TYPE


    * [TOMAHAWK-769] - Datascroller - context sensitive previous, next links
    * [TOMAHAWK-799] - Use of the actionListener event of datascroller to maintain the index
of the first row inside a managed bean.
    * [TOMAHAWK-1194] - SelectOneRow: The attribute GroupName can't contain EL
    * [TOMAHAWK-1433] - Add attribute itemOnclick to datalist
    * [TOMAHAWK-1500] - t:inputHtml should be a composite component for jsf 2.0
    * [TOMAHAWK-1501] - Use new jsf 2.0 Resource api on CAPTCHA component
    * [TOMAHAWK-1503] - Update to version 1.8.3 and prototype to 1.6.1 on
core20 branch
    * [TOMAHAWK-1504] - Update autoscroll feature to JSF 2
    * [TOMAHAWK-1508] - Find a way to convert between the model type required for the renderer,
and the model-type that the backing-beans use for t:inputCalendar and t:inputDate
    * [TOMAHAWK-1522] - Introduce valueType attribute for UISelectMany components
    * [TOMAHAWK-1533] - Add preserveRowComponentState to t:dataTable
    * [TOMAHAWK-1542] - Compress javascript files for production and show uncompressed versions
when ProjectStage is not Production
    * [TOMAHAWK-1543] - Don't add transient component resources if it was already added, like
@ResourceDependency does
    * [TOMAHAWK-1548] - Allow t:dataScroller to be Ajaxified using f:ajax

New Feature

    * [TOMAHAWK-1425] - Support to java.sql.Date using inputCalendar tag.


    * [TOMAHAWK-1470] - Setup tomahawk core and sandbox code module for JSF 2.0
    * [TOMAHAWK-1471] - Update components to implement PartialStateHolder interface in jsf
2.0 module
    * [TOMAHAWK-1473] - Fix AliasBean hack on component binding to use the new api in jsf
    * [TOMAHAWK-1474] - Behavior support for components that contains event aware properties
in jsf 2.0 module
    * [TOMAHAWK-1488] - Convert example pages from JSP to Facelets
    * [TOMAHAWK-1498] - Update t:inputHtml and kupu to 1.4.16
    * [TOMAHAWK-1523] - Move all tests in core and core12 branch to core20 and create tests
for new introduced stuff
    * [TOMAHAWK-1526] - Implement visitTree and invokeOnComponent for t:tree2
    * [TOMAHAWK-1530] - Create tests for clientEvent properties
    * [TOMAHAWK-1532] - Do not include t:dojoInitializer in tomahawk for jsf 2.0



Leonardo Uribe

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