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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core v2.0.3 Release
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2010 01:58:20 GMT
The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces Core 2.0.3.

MyFaces Core is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 2.0 implementation as specified by JSR-314. MyFaces
Core has passed Sun's JSR-314 TCK and is 100% compliant with the JSR-314 specification.

MyFaces Core 2.0.3 is available in both binary and source distributions.


MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.0.3


     * [MYFACES-2867] - Migrate to Velocity 1.6
     * [MYFACES-2974] - Use FacesConfig interfaces to load configuration using annotations
     * [MYFACES-2975] - NamedEventManager should be configured per web application, and do
not use a static instance
     * [MYFACES-2977] - Factories loaded through META-INF/services/[factory name] should use
FacesConfig object


     * [MYFACES-1890] - Numberconverter has issue with bigdecimal
     * [MYFACES-2606] - javax.crypto.BadPaddingException on Google App Engine
     * [MYFACES-2882] - Event Broadcasting: processing events during the current lifecycle
phase doesn't process additional events
     * [MYFACES-2920] - UISelectOne/UISelectMany validateValue: Before comparing each option,
coerce the option value type to the type of component's value
     * [MYFACES-2927] - Invalid handling of null values in listboxes and menus
     * [MYFACES-2928] - FacesConfigurator cast for ApplicationImpl directly to load converter
configuration, instead use RuntimeConfig object
     * [MYFACES-2930] - ClassByteCodeAnnotationFilter doesn't read the constants pool correctly
     * [MYFACES-2934] - Side-channel timing attack in StateUtils class may still allow padding
oracle attack
     * [MYFACES-2935] - SystemEvent Acid Test
     * [MYFACES-2939] - f:event type=postValidate does not work
     * [MYFACES-2941] - Facelets classpath does not always properly decode filesystem paths
     * [MYFACES-2942] - Memory Leak in MyFaces 2.0.1 probably as well in 2.0.2
     * [MYFACES-2946] - composite:attribute "targets" property does not match with ViewDeclarationLanguage.retargetMethodExpressions
     * [MYFACES-2947] - application configuration resources located in lib/*.jar can not be
accessed in OSGi enviroment
     * [MYFACES-2948] - invokeOnComponent does not call pushComponentToEL / popComponentFromEL
like visitTree does
     * [MYFACES-2950] - ActionSourceRule does not take into account "action" MethodExpression
could return Object or Enum
     * [MYFACES-2954] - ExternalContext.encodeRedirectURL() fails if 'baseUrl' contains empty
     * [MYFACES-2960] - Setting prependId="false" (on h:form) makes<f:ajax/>  not working
with any ActionSource
     * [MYFACES-2964] - Incorect osgi Import-Package in impl
     * [MYFACES-2965] - MyFaces 2.0.2 AJAX crashes Safari on iPad
     * [MYFACES-2969] - Example number used by f:convertNumber messages are not formatted
taking into account locale and parameters.
     * [MYFACES-2970] - f:convertNumber conversion is not symmetric when currencyCode and
currencySymbol are used
     * [MYFACES-2971] - jsf.js: Slightly incorrect http get handling code
     * [MYFACES-2973] - UIComponent.unsubscribeFromEvent calls getApplication().unsubscribeFromEvent()
instead of modifying _systemEventListenerClassMap
     * [MYFACES-2978] - DefaultFaceletFactory fails to create a facelet if the facelet-path
contains regex control characters
     * [MYFACES-2980] - f:ajax wrapped around component(s) does not work as expected
     * [MYFACES-2982] - Update localized
     * [MYFACES-2983] - Consider using myfaces class's classloader when loading resources
     * [MYFACES-2984] - Myfaces should return a proper contentType if ResourceWrapper doesn't
return one.
     * [MYFACES-2985] - Viewscoped bean does not get destroyed when navigating with faces-redirect
to a non-jsf-page
     * [MYFACES-2990] - JDTCompiler wants access to more classes in osgi
     * [MYFACES-2991] - NPE from rendering button with missing resource URL
     * [MYFACES-2992] - Metadata is not created for views created by a navigation
     * [MYFACES-2993] - state saving and dynamic pages
     * [MYFACES-2994] - faces-config.xml referenced in webAppConfig<absolute-ordering>
 could not be on the classpath
     * [MYFACES-2996] - ServiceProviderFinder from init param is never cached on ApplicationMap
     * [MYFACES-3000] - Viewstate occasionally not restored


     * [MYFACES-2224] - Misleading hint in error message for NFE in BigDecimalConverter
     * [MYFACES-2862] - [PERF] Improve efficiency of Application.createComponent(FacesContext,Resource)
in production
     * [MYFACES-2922] - [PERF] Improvements for @ResourceDependency handling
     * [MYFACES-2936] - Add new utility class for init parameters WebConfigParamUtils
     * [MYFACES-2937] - Change getApplicationObject function name to buildApplicationObject
and move it to shared ClassUtils
     * [MYFACES-2938] - Allow @JSFValidator and @JSFConverter to define custom tagHandler
     * [MYFACES-2940] - Use VisitContext information for prevent scan a component subtree
on NamingContainer instances
     * [MYFACES-2944] - Make those add*** methods public in WebXml
     * [MYFACES-2945] - Make a way to get the FacesConfig from a provider
     * [MYFACES-2951] - [PERF] enhance scanning for #{cc} expressions
     * [MYFACES-2952] - Improve Atmosphere Meteor support of MyFaces
     * [MYFACES-2955] - Allow projects using myfaces builder plugin to be open on Netbeans
IDE 6.8
     * [MYFACES-2957] - Use maven shade plugin to handle myfaces-impl-ee6 module
     * [MYFACES-2958] - Improve handling of AJAX response if source element is deleted
     * [MYFACES-2963] - Set default templates automatically when jsfVersion is 20 or 2.0 with
     * [MYFACES-2966] - jsf.js impl request function refactoring
     * [MYFACES-2967] - jsf.js i18n of internal error messages
     * [MYFACES-2976] - Support hiding myfaces impl classes in osgi, and provide a single
osgi bundle for api + impl
     * [MYFACES-2986] - Provide an interface to override how to find spi interfaces


     * [MYFACES-2943] - DefaultLifecycleProviderFactory does not log LifecycleProvider Class
     * [MYFACES-2997] - Clean up SpiUtils


Leonardo Uribe

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