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From Joe Witt <>
Subject Updated maven plugins, apache parent, and changed dir-only profile
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 17:53:00 GMT

In that JIRA the various maven plugins we use for key build processes
were updated.  This brings us more in-line with latest apache parent
pom which helps with builds and consistency.  But, also we fixed usage
of mavens profile activation method 'activeByDefault' which did not
work as I think many of us assumed it did.

The primary change that impacts folks is those who do builds with the
-Pdir-only profile.  This profile can save you roughly  30-40 seconds
during the build as it avoids making the zip/tar.gz and instead just
makes a directory.  However, this is now accomplished by setting a
system propery during the build called 'dir-only'. Therefore the only
difference is -Pdir-only becomes -Ddir-only.  So a build such as 'mvn
clean install -Ddir-only' works great and saves some seconds.

Andre: Did you have this documented anywhere you recall?  I though it
was on the contrib guide or someplace but I dont see it so will likely
leave it alone for now.

Just a heads up otherwise.


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