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From Jason Iannone <>
Subject MergeContent resulting in corrupted JSON
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2020 22:47:08 GMT
Hi all,

Within Nifi 1.10.0 we're seeing unexpected behavior with mergecontent. The
processor is being fed in many flowfiles with individual JSON records. The
records have various field types including a hex-encoded byte[]. We are not
trying to merge JSON records themselves but rather consolidate many
flowfiles into fewer flowfiles.

What we're seeing is that a random flowfile is split causing the merge file
to be invalid JSON. When running multiple bins we saw the flowfile split
across bins.

Flowfile 1: {"name": "1", "hexbytes": A10F15B11D14", timestamp: "123456789"
Flowfile 2:  {"name": "2", "hexbytes": A10F15D14B11", timestamp:
"123456790" }
Flowfile 3:  {"name": "3", "hexbytes": A10F15D14B11", timestamp:
"123456790" }

Merged Result:
{"name": "1", "hexbyters": A10F15B11D14", timestamp: "123456789" }
xbytes": A10F15D14B11", timestamp: "123456790" }
{"name": "3", "hexbytes": A10F15D14B11", timestamp: "123456790" }
{"name": "3", "h

Mergecontent Configuration:
Concurrent Tasks: 4
Merge Strategy: Bin-Packing Algorithm
Merge Format: Binary Concatenation
Attribute Strategy: Keep Only Common Attributes
Min. number of entries 1000
Max number of entries: 20000
Minimum group size: 10 KB
Maximum number of bins: 5
Header, Footer, and Demaractor are not set.

We then backed off the below to reduce min and max entries, bin to 1, and
thread to 1 and still see the same issue.

Any insights?


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