Hi ,

I got a issue while starting a 3 node nifi cluster. nifi-app.log is showing exception that" local flow file is differet than cluster flow"
The issue is i got 3 different flow files in each node.'rootGroupid' of each flow file is different.

Previous i was facing no issue in creating 3 node clister.but this time ,i made a change here  during creation the clusters i have encripted the flow file with using nifi toolkit.(encript-config.sh)

 Encript-config.sh -f /nifi/flow.xml.gz -n nifi/nifi.properties --bootstrapconf /nifi/bootstrap.conf -s password -x

Please note that there is are no flows are availavle in canvas.its a new nifi cluster.

Could you please help me to understand what i am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance for helping me.