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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Refactoring some plugins
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 17:35:15 GMT
Jérôme Charron wrote:
> One more question about javadoc (I hope the last one):
> Do you think it makes sense to split the plugins gathered into the "Misc"
> group
> into many plugins (such as index-more / query-more), so that each sub-plugin
> can be dispatched into proper Group.

No, I don't think so.  These are strongly related bundles of plugins. 
When you change one chances are good you'll change the others, so it 
makes sense to keep their code together rather than split it up.  Folks 
can still find all implementations of an interface in the javadoc, just 
not always grouped together in the table of contents.

We could instead of calling these "misc" call them "compound plugins" or 
something.  We can change the package.html for each to list the 
coordinated set of plugins they provide.  For example, 
language-identifier's could say something like, "Includes parse, index 
and query plugins to identify, index and make searchable the identified 


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