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From Frank McCown <>
Subject Support for Sitemap Protocol and Canonical URLs
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 17:28:55 GMT
I'm teaching a search engine course for CS undergrads, and we'd like
to make a contribution to Nutch.  It appears that Nutch does not
support the Sitemap Protocol (NUTCH-158).

So I wanted to check with you all and see if this is something you
think would make a good addition.  Also, do you think this would be a
good project for a team of 3 undergrad students who need to complete
it within 2-3 weeks?  Being only modestly familiar with the codebase
myself, I don't want to assign a project that would be too difficult
or overwhelming for undergraduates who are newbies and have only been
writing Java code for a few semesters.

Also you may have heard of the new rel="canonical" attribute which is
now being supported by Google, Yahoo, and Live:

I'd like my students to modify Nutch to support this new attribute as well.

After I get some feedback, I'll submit a request to JIRA.  I was
wondering though, would it be better to submit it as an issue for 0.9,
1.0, or 1.1?


Frank McCown, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Harding University

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