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From Sebastian Nagel <>
Subject Re: [Nutch Wiki] Update of "Release_HOWTO" by SebastianNagel
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2018 16:38:57 GMT
Hi Evert,

in case it's about removing a lock, we need to know which wiki page is locked.

But just to make sure: you need to log in to edit pages. If you do not have an
account yet, please create one and let us know the user name. Public editing is
not possible anymore because of huge amount of spam placed on the wiki.


On 08/17/2018 02:46 PM, Evert Wagenaar wrote:
> Dear Sir, Madam,
> Could you please help me with the following issue?
> I would like to make some changes in the Nutch Wiki. The system does, however, prevent
me from
> editing. I get the message "Immutable page". According to the MoinMoin documentation,
this means
> that some editor left a page and kept the edit_lock on. Could you please take action
on this?
> Yours sincere,
> Evert  Wagenaar
> On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 11:44 AM Apache Wiki < <>>
>     Dear Wiki user,
>     You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Nutch Wiki" for change notification.
>     The "Release_HOWTO" page has been changed by SebastianNagel:
>     Comment:
>     need to also add CHANGES.txt to the release repository
>                       {{{git push origin release-X}}}
>             1. run the ant targets for '''zip-bin''', '''tar-bin''', '''zip-src'''
and '''tar-src'''
>     (if releasing trunk) and only the latter two if releasing 2.X (this is because 2.x
is only
>     released as source). The generated artifacts can be found in $NUTCH_HOME/dist.
>               1. Sign it all of the generated artifacts -
>     [[|Step-By-Step
>     <> Guide to Signing
Releases]] ' -
>     Consider using [[|Chris
>     <> Mattmann's Apache Utility
>     -         1. Check out the release management area at
>     <> and copy
all artifacts to
>     here then commit this.
>     +         1. Check out the release management area at
>     <> and copy
all artifacts and
>     the CHANGES.txt to here then commit this.
>               1. Make sure your pgp key is listed in the Nutch KEYS file located
> or better yet, use and
add your PGP
>     there, and it will then appear in [[|Apache
>     <> Nutch's Automatically
Generated Keys]]
>               1. Create and open a VOTE thread on user@ and
>     <>. The VOTE must pass with 3 +1 binding VOTE's
before any release
>     can take place. A VOTE thread usually takes the form
>       {{{

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