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From Holger Hoffstätte <hol...@wizards.de>
Subject Re: Hibernate removal
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 21:10:04 GMT
Alex Boisvert wrote:
> Apache OpenJPA seems to be in favor

Does OpenJPA (or JPA in general) have any provisions for more flexibly
structured storage mechanisms, maybe through the JDBC4 SQL/XML APIs? I
think a big plus would be if state management would not require the
constant serializaton/deserialization and blob reading/writing - or has
that been removed/rebuilt by now? If updates to a result document could be
done by shooting XQuery bits instead of reading/updating/writing the
entire document over and over again this would IMHO qualify as major plus.
I've only had a cursory look at JPA so that's why I'm asking.


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