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From "Tammo van Lessen" <tvanles...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Extending ODE
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 18:09:51 GMT
Hi Ant,

> > > there. The cool side effect is support for Jython, JRuby and Beanshell
> > :)
> > Actually a great idea, however I had some troubles to enable E4X since
> > Rhino does not automatically translates org.w3c.dom.Node (java) into
> > XML (js) object and vice versa. I had to write a wrapper for that
> > translation which of course depends on Rhino classes.
> The latest BSF code is starting to try to address this and provides some
> utility classes to help, see [1]. Its a bit rough and not yet finished but
> we use it successfully in Tuscany and Synapse  going from  Axiom OMElements
> to  things like JavaScript/E4X and Ruby/ReXML.
I'd love to use BSF, so that's great news. But I'm afraid there is
another problem. I need to 'inject' a java object into the scripting
engine so that is available in the scripting context. The methods of
this object take and return org.w3c.dom.Node objects, so when calling
such a method the particular scripting engine needs to translate their
own XML objects so to say on the fly into the java representation and
vice versa. Is that currently possible? As a naive Rhino user, I
created a scriptable wrapper that performs the translation and then
delegates the call to the our engine. Is it possible to do such an
interception on a BSF level, too?

> However, I read discussions on Rhino's bugzilla and on some other
> > apache lists [see refs], so according to them at least the most recent
> > Rhino version is released unter MPL 1.1 which should be with ASL 2.0.
> > What do you think? It would be great if we could directly use it.
> Thats correct, since Rhino 1.6R5 its been relicensed to MPL so is now ok to
> have the rhino jar as a binary dependency, see "Category B" dependencies at
> [2].
Great. Thanks.


Tammo van Lessen - tvanlessen@gmail.com - http://www.taval.de

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