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From Tammo van Lessen <tvanles...@gmail.com>
Subject buildr...
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 19:41:48 GMT
Hi guys,

we've been struggling lately with buildr and particularly in conjunction
with Ode's build.

I'm not sure whether this belongs more to dev@ode or dev@buildr, but as
the communities are quite overlapping I think this one is okay.

So here are our observations, I'll write them in a list. For few of them
are probably no answers cooked yet, I'll start with them ;)

The environment is winxp, java 5+6, ruby 1.8.6

- buildr/ruby consumes about 100% CPU when downloading dependencies!?
- when running junit test in buildr's default fork mode, we get multiple
OOMs, looks like something leaks memory. With :fork=>each it works quite
- when buildr runs with TEST=all, it sometimes completely ignores test
cases (my gut feeling is that it ignores build failures and continues
without executing them, which is quite obvious)
- buildr eclipse ignores project that do not contain java related
package tasks. This results in skipping the bpel-script project that is
though depended by other project in eclipse. The same appears in the
extensions project, which is basically a wrapper project for our
extensions. So a buildr eclipse in Ode's top level directory ignores the
extensions directory and therefore also skips the extension projects.
- buildr eclipse does not work with buildr 1.3.2 (undefined to_sym).
This has been fixed in buildr trunk, but buildr trunk does not work with
Ode's rakefile (the Release class extension, which is anyways quite
mysterious for me ;)) In particular we wonder if buildr has a concept
for achieving backward compatibility.

I hope this can help the buildr crowd a bit and last but not least our
(Ode's) build system :)


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