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From "Rosalin Pattnaik" <rosalin.pattn...@gmail.com>
Subject If ode crashes while waiting for an response to an synchronous response and while thr has yet not been any timeout , Does it on restarting resume the process and the timesout the invoke activity?
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2009 07:19:15 GMT
If we have bpel extension for retry on timeout with an invoke action , but
the ode crashes before the timeout has occured .And thus there is neither a
timeout exception nor has it received the response which might have been
lost in the time it was down .When the ode restarts which of the following
shd occur:

   - The ode resumes from the invoke state ,waits for the response ,
   timesout and retries, get the response and proceed normally.
   - The process is not resumed.

In my case the process is not resumed in case timeout exception has not
occured , but in case the timeout has occured and then the ode crashes then
it retries gets the response and then completes succesfully.

PFA the Bpel process and the external webservice impl.


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