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From Sasa Bojanic <sasa.boja...@prozone.rs>
Subject Searching for a sponsor for Shark project on Apache
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 13:00:55 GMT
Dear All,

I've already posted an email to incubator's list asking for a 
champion/sponsor for moving Shark project to Apache.
I communicated with Matthieu Riou and he suggested ODE could be a 
sponsor for this project and told me the best way would be to start 
discussion on this list.

Let me repeat what I already posted to incubator list:

Enhydra Shark workflow engine is a project currently hosted on ObjectWeb 

It is the most popular open-source java workflow engine completely based 
on WfMC standards.
It uses XPDL1.0 as its native workflow process definition language.
It can be embedded into other Java applications (Swing, Console, ...) or 
can be used as a server through WebService, EJB, CORBA, ...

Shark's modular, plug-in architecture makes shark suitable for 
integration into different kind of projects.

It is a mature project started 5years ago, has a significant community 
and more than 100000 downloads on ObjectWeb and almost 10000 posts on 
mailing list. It is widely used all around the world in production, 
typically integrated into different kind of applications, from 
DocumentManagement and government applications up to applications for 
special purposes like bank services, HR, Help desk, ... and in many, 
many others

Our goal is to move the core shark components to Apache. We should have 
no problems with CLAs since these components are developed only by our 
core developers.
We would like to continue with Shark development on Apache by 
re-factoring Shark kernel's code and other major components to support 
XPDL2.1 specification.

Attached is an initial version of SharkProposal....Please feel free to 
ask any question.


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