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From "Naoki Okitsu" <okit...@m2.gyao.ne.jp>
Subject RE: To run Main class
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 14:34:20 GMT
Hi, Matthieu

Thank you for replying my question.

> C:\apache-ode-sources-2.0-beta2\utils\src\main\java\org\apache\ode\uti
> ls\cli
> > I want to execute this file.
> >
> Those are just command line utilities, they won't really run ODE, is that
> what you want?

I have studied about BPWS4J engine before.

BPWS4J reads bpel file and wsdl file at deployment.
This engine has deployment tool as web base interface.
Deployment tool contains jsp
And I think that ODE may have same architectures with BPWS4J.
I want to know inside behavior of ODE using knowledge of BPWS4J engine which
I investigated before.
And I want to deploy bpel file and wsdl file from beginning.
For this purpose I started from Main class.
I think that Main class of ODE may use bpel file and wsdl file for

> The Main class is like a global starter, it takes a configuration file
> specifying the class to start and a few other things.

Can I ask you where I can find  configuration file or how to use?
If you know,could you please point web site?

> Matthieu
> >
> > To supply configuration file,I imported following files.
> > deploy.xml
> > HelloWorld2.bpel
> > HelloWorld2.wsdl
> > testRequest.soap
> > These files are imported from
> > C:\apache-ode-war-2.0-beta2\examples\HelloWorld2.
> > But I could not run.
> >
> > If you knew how to build development enviroment,please tell me.
> > It is enough for you to point web site which appears this informations.
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
> >

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