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From Sathwik B P <sathwik...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Release plans
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2016 07:40:43 GMT

This is to update the community that we are closing towards making a
release. The main two tasks which are underway is the tomee embedded server
and the new ODE console.

We would like to make the release hopefully by end of this month or by
early next month.

I propose to keep the new ODE Console as a separate downloadable archive as
its the first version. Its going to be a zip archive. Users can extract the
archive and open the index.html from the browser to view the console
provided ODE server is running on the same machine. In case ODE server is
running in case it on a different machine then users are requested to just
change the URL in one of the javascript file to point to the server where
the ODE server is running. We might think about integrating the new console
with the ODE distribution in future.

New ODE console is a AngularJS application and GULPJS is used to build the
artifacts. Am currently working on creating a Docker container consisting
of NodeJS, Maven and Gulp to assist us on building the artifacts. Release
management from GULP is also underway, need to figure out how artifact
signing is handled in GULP. Any help from the community who have prior
experience on GULP is appreciated.

Embedding Tomee is on a Experimental Branch (https://github.com/apache/
ode/tree/ODE-1060) at the moment and is almost ready. Users may have a look
and we are open for suggestions. This JIRA issue talks about the
structuring https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ODE-1060

Any suggestion are welcome.


On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 11:18 AM, Sathwik B P <sathwik.bp@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Tammo,
> Have updated the tickets that I was working on. We have 42 issues fixed, 4
> pending for 1.3.7 which includes the ODE standalone server and new Console.
> Some significant changes  that are going to come in 1.3.7
> 1) Moved to minimum binary compatibility to JDK 6 from JDK 5.
> 2) Upgrade of Axis2, OpenJPA, Hibernate.
> 3) Moved to SLF4J logging with Log4j2 as the implementation.
> 4) There is database migration required from earlier versions.
> 5) ODE standalone/embedded server.
> 6) New ODE management console based on AngularJS.
> 7) Some major memory leaks have got fixed.
> regards,
> sathwik
> On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 1:22 PM, Sathwik B P <sathwik.bp@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Tammo,
>> I strongly recommend including the new console and ODE standalone server
>> as part of the coming release even if it means delaying the release for now.
>> I have initiated a dialogue with the TomEE team and they are willing to
>> help us get this done at the earliest.
>> (https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/06472e9649dec3b03ea918
>> 30d17c02aaf8b472e0445b4f0901a998b4@%3Cdev.tomee.apache.org%3E)
>> +1 for the inclusion of the new features before we make a release.
>> regards,
>> sathwik
>> On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 1:01 PM, Tammo van Lessen <tvanlessen@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Dear ODErs,
>>> It's been a while that we did an ODE release. When I look at the JIRAs
>>> tagged with 1.3.7, we have already 28 resolved issues that mainly fix
>>> bugs
>>> and stabilize ODE. However, we have two other topics in the queue, first
>>> integrating the new, angular based console, second a new bundling type,
>>> shipping ODE as a standalone fatjar bundled with TomEE.
>>> I'd like to discuss the release plans with you. I tend to delay the
>>> release
>>> again and work on including the abovementioned features, as they make
>>> working with ODE more convenient.
>>> WDYT?
>>> Thanks,
>>>   Tammo
>>> --
>>> Tammo van Lessen - http://www.taval.de

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