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Subject [CONF] OpenJPA > OpenJPA 2.1.0
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2011 19:17:00 GMT
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         <h1><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-OpenJPA2.1.0"></a>OpenJPA 2.1.0</h1>

<p>The Apache OpenJPA community is proud to announce the release of Apache OpenJPA 2.1.0.
 As with the prior 2.0.1 release, this distribution is based on the final <a href=""
class="external-link" rel="nofollow">JSR 317 Java Persistence API, Version 2.0</a>
specification and passes the JPA 2.0 TCK, while remaining backwards compatible with the prior
1.2.x releases based on the Java Persistence API (JPA 1.0) part of Java Community Process
JSR-220 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0).  For a list of all the new features of JPA 2.0, please
checkout the <a href="/confluence/display/openjpa/OpenJPA+2.0.1" title="OpenJPA 2.0.1">OpenJPA
2.0.1</a> release notes.</p>

<p>Additional information on the OpenJPA project may be found at <a href=""
class="external-link" rel="nofollow">the project web site</a>.</p>

<h1><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-ChangesinOpenJPA2.1.0"></a>Changes in OpenJPA

<h3><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-Subtask"></a>Sub-task</h3>
	<li>OPENJPA-1214 - RelationFieldStrategy behaviour</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1247 - WriteBehindCallback sleepTime interval of one EMF datacache adversely
impacting other EMF datacache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1311 - StoreCacheImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1312 - SelectImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1313 - RowManagerImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1314 - QueryResultCacheImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1316 - GeneratorImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1317 - FetchPlanImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1318 - org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ExtentImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1320 - BrokerImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1348 - Embeddable data not persisted when using WriteBehind cache flush
	<li>OPENJPA-1635 - Reduce lock contention in MetaDataRepository.processRegisteredClasses</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1638 - Add test variation to TestNamedQueryLockMode</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1730 - Bundle Apache Commons DBCP in our binary distribution</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1731 - Document and provide samples on how to use commons-dbcp</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1764 - Automatically enable connection pooling in unmanaged environments</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1821 - Upgrade to Commons DBCP 1.4</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1826 - Can we have a new type for ignoring values?
<h3><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-Bug"></a>Bug</h3></li>
	<li>OPENJPA-398 - ConcurrentModificationException at org.apache.openjpa.kernel.BrokerImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-526 - Insert text more than 4K bytes to Clob column causes SQLException:
Exhausted Resultset</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-641 - ConcurrentModificationException with self-referring entity-class
when not running the enhancer</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1372 - Generating identifiers by using sequence table may fail during sequence
table initialization</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1424 - Out of bounds exception using fetch plan</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1454 - InstrumentationFactory crashes the tomcat WebappClassLoader by injecting
org.apache.openjpa classes into the SystemClassLoader</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1501 - EntityManager.find may return multiple instances of Entities with
String identities if id value has trailing spaces.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1508 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException being thrown from ClassMetaData.getExtraFieldDataIndex()</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1550 - When batchLimit=-1 or &gt;1 and an exception is caused, the
params and failedObject are missing from the resultant exception.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1582 - @OrderColumn(updatable=false) may have the order column field updated</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1584 - PreparedQuery gives wrong result if query has subquery and parameters
are used in both main select and subselect</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1609 - PessimisticLockException instead of LockTimeoutException thrown
on DB2V9 for ZOS</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1613 - Exception thrown when enhancing a (property access) class that has
an abstract @MappedSuperclass with no annotated properties</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1626 - ParseException when specified name of QueryCache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1627 - ORderBy with @ElementJoinColumn and EmbeddedId uses wrong columns
in SQL</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1634 - Loading JAXB meta data when using MetaDataRepository preloading
isn't thead safe.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1641 - SybaseDictionary should try both JDBC column names and Sybase specific
column names</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1644 - Null field values after calling EntityManager.remove()</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1646 - DataCacheManager initialization still isn't thread safe.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1648 - Slice thread pool breaks down under high concurrency</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1662 - Type support has regressed in OpenJPA 2.0</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1665 - Problems when using auto incrementing colums that start at zero</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1667 - Incorrect column type for LOB streaming in MySQL</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1668 - User's ''DBDictionary.sequenceSQL' setting not being honored on
	<li>OPENJPA-1670 - PCRegistry memory leak when using MetaDataRepository preloading.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1676 - PCClassFileTransformer.transform causing NPE when class name is
	<li>OPENJPA-1678 - SQL Parameter values may contain sensitive information and should
not be logged by default.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1682 - TestSimpleXmlEntity.testId failed with invalid DB2 create table
SQL statement</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1683 - Why string encoding of OpenJPA Identity instances for LongId differes
from other built-in identity types?</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1685 - Comma delimited validation groups defined in persistence.xml do
not handle whitespace</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1689 - The mapping tool does not remove user created sequences on PostgreSQL</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1690 - DistinctResultList is not Serializable</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1691 - Oracle XMLType column failed to insert/update when xml contains
more than 4000 characters</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1692 - Add post creation callback to BrokerFactory</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1695 - OutOfMemoryError from CacheMarshallerImpl.setInputUrlFromResourceLocation.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1696 - Type discriminator for polymorphic queries limited to Single Table
	<li>OPENJPA-1697 - A EnumValueHandler strategy along with XmlType annotation incorrectly
mapped to XmlType in create table DDL</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1701 - Calling em.refresh(...) causes a WARNING message to be logged</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1704 - PCEnhancer incorrectly generates readExternal</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1713 - OutOfMemory caused by EntityManagerImpl.push/popFetchPlan processing</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1715 - OpenJPA generates wrong SQL if a result variable that references
an aggregate expression is used in ORDER BY clause</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1719 - Prepared SQL cache ordering problem with subqueries.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1722 - Problem serializing DistinctResultList when EntityManager is closed</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1726 - Clean up OpenJPA test case failures for PostgreSQL</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1727 - QueryCache TIMESTAMP eviction policy doesn't evict a timed out query
if it returns zero results.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1736 - Mappings with foreign keys as identity fields sometimes not resolved
	<li>OPENJPA-1737 - The openjpa-2.0.0.jar does not have its MANIFEST.MF has the first
	<li>OPENJPA-1738 - Prepared SQL query does not handle collection-valued parameter of
persistence-capable objects</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1740 - Type expression for entites using Joined table strategy is not working
	<li>OPENJPA-1742 - Recover if connectionFactory on EntityManagerFactory is invalid
but cf on EntityManager is valid.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1743 - Tool configuration does not support EMF anchors</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1749 - Throw exception if using datacache / synchronize mappings and specifying
datasource name at EM creation.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1751 - New openbooks and image-gallery samples are not in the binary assembly</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1752 - TestPessimisticLocks JUNIT test produced inconsistent behavior with
various backends</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1753 - TestMixedLockManagerLockPermutation: Timing issue determines the
pass/no-pass of the test case</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1757 - Em.refresh(..) not refreshing from the DB when shared-cache-mode
is set to ALL</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1765 - TableGenerator doesn't properly utilize all keys when under heavy
	<li>OPENJPA-1769 - Broker getObjectId(...) doesn't return a proper object id for an
Entity that is detached and has no DetachedStateManager</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1770 - Inconsistent behaviour when fetching an Entity that has a null embeddable
and the DataCache is enabled</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1784 - Map value updates not flushed</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1788 - Problem in Firebird 2.1 with sequence creation</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1790 - java.lang.VerifyError thrown when trying to commit entity.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1793 - @EmbeddedId class having only one field java.sql.Data</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1800 - Duplicate column created for sybase</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1801 - CacheStatistics misses are improperly calculated.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1804 - NPE in line 1514</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1809 - Refresh of versioned entity locked with pessimistic locking throws
incorrect exception</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1810 - ClassCastException when using QueryCache and Criteria API</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1811 - Dynamic load of enhancer agent on Mac OS X fails</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1814 - JPQL fails with Group By and Having aggregate_expression IN (subquery)</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1818 - SQL-Syntax errors with h2</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1819 - ORDER BY will append additional column to the SELECT clause which
may potentialy cause ORA-00979 error</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1828 - Query with expression IN (collection_valued_input_parameter) should
report syntax error, correct usange is IN collection_valued_input_parameter</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1830 - Deserialization of EMF causes connectionPassword to be overwritten
with Value.INVISIBLE</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1831 - DataSourceFactory manipulates queryTimeout which is already in milliseconds</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1832 - Numeric is not a fixed size type for Sybase</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1835 - dummy is not a valid column name for Sybase</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1838 - Sybase can create Foriegn Keys</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1839 - TestXMLCustomerOrder failed against Oracle with "ORA-01461: can
bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column"</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1840 - QueryTimeoutException not thrown with Sybase</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1853 - iSeries DB2 problem with using @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY)</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1856 - Executing bulk updates should evict stale data from the DataCache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1857 - Wrong exception is thrown when JoinColumn annotation is not incorrectly
	<li>OPENJPA-1866 - org.apache.openjpa.persistence.AnnotationPersistenceMetaDataSerializer
missing break on Switch</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1867 - ClassCastException when using DataCache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1870 - Blob types override column definition from @Column annotation with
	<li>OPENJPA-1874 - Handle Oracle specific XML column type with @Lob annotation</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1877 - Treat Oracle XMLType columns as XML</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1881 - Create "completion" message for the Enhancement processing</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1882 - NPE in DataCacheStoreManager when all types aren't cached</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1886 - Query trace may contain sensitive information and should not be
logged by default.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1890 - NPE is thrown when an Embeddable object is set more than once to
a managed entity</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1892 - NullPointerException thrown by the BrokerImpl.find() if requesting
an entity which is marked by the @Cacheable(false) annotation</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1893 - Missing join clause in query with collection-table with two join-columns</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1894 - Performance Improvement for SelectImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1896 - OpenJPA cannot store POJOs if a corresponding record already exists</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1897 - Sybase reserved words may not be used as column names</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1898 - TestQueryMultiThreaded fails with OOME "unable to create new native
	<li>OPENJPA-1900 - ClassCastException when serializing an entity if DetachedStateField=true</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1902 - SQLServer reserved words may not be used as identifiers</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1904 - OptimisticLockException during refresh(<b>,PESSIMISTIC_</b>)
with eagar fetch on relationship fields</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1905 - jar-file validation should be deferred until after OpenJPA is confirmed
to be the application's chosen provider</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1906 - Issue info / warning message when connection retain mode is always</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1909 - enhance unit tests with the correct persistence.xml</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1910 - openjpa uses application ClassLoader for resolving BrokerFactory
	<li>OPENJPA-1911 - InvalidStateException is thrown when merge an entity with derived
	<li>OPENJPA-1918 - MetaDataRepository.preload() ignores class loader returned by PersistenceUnitInfo.getClassLoader()</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1923 - Allow flexible (non-standard) syntax for collection-valued parameters
in IN() expresseion of JPQL query</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1935 - Informix lock exceptions are not mapped properly by OpenJPA</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1938 - Typo of time data type in SQLServerdictionary for MSSQL 2008
<h3><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-Improvement"></a>Improvement</h3></li>
	<li>OPENJPA-6 - OpenJPA doesn't meaningfully implement JDBC3, JDBC4 methods in its
	<li>OPENJPA-735 - Provide dictionary support for SolidDB</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1364 - Upgrade to latest commons-lang for required OSGi metadata</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1378 - Provide LRU option for L2 data cache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1563 - Better parameter validation on StoreCache.pinAll() method</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1612 - Mapping an unsupported type</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1637 - Upgrade to latest Geronimo Specs for JPA2 and Bean Validation</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1643 - Use container-managed data sources as Slice</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1649 - Refactor property processing for distributed Slice configuration</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1673 - Update MetaDataRepository docs</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1699 - Streaming Lob support in DB2</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1700 - Use FindBugs to reduce coding errors</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1707 - A warning message should be logged when a down level enhanced Entity
is encountered.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1708 - Excessive Info message on locking row in optimistic transaction</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1712 - Upgrade builds to use Apache hosted Nexus repo</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1717 - CacheStatistics should not be collected by default in FinderCache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1723 - Improve the scalability of PreparedQueryCacheImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1724 - Allow MappingTool to generate DDL SQL files in a different encoding
than the local JVM</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1729 - Simplified connection pooling</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1732 - LogFactory adapter for SLF4J</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1733 - Not meaningful message on bean validation valicator configuration
- "null" resaon</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1734 - Support the DynamicEnhnacer on IBM JDK</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1735 - Mark commons-logging as provided in the build to remove transient
maven dependency</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1739 - Add pluggable instrumentation and instrumentation provider capabilities
to OpenJPA</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1754 - Include Bean Validation API and Implementation in openjpa-all and
binary distribution</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1761 - Upgrade Commons Pool from 1.5.3 to 1.5.4</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1763 - Remove the requirement to configure openjpa.RemoteCommitProvider
when using the DataCache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1771 - Upgrade to latest Apache BVAL for testing and apache-rat plugin</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1776 - Allow slice distribution policy to delay the decision to select
the target slice</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1791 - Remove test-base and testsupport artifacts dependency for *-test.jar
	<li>OPENJPA-1807 - Improved lifecycle tracing of EntityManager and EntityManagerFactory</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1833 - Add build date/time, branch version/revision and copyright to docs</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1836 - Update nightly-upload build script to use key/passphrase</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1841 - Allow DBDictionary to optimize IS NOT NULL SQL for specific data
	<li>OPENJPA-1844 - Create a JConsole plugin to display DataCache statistics and help
tune the cache</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1847 - Use a single connection when generating schema</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1855 - OpenJPA shouldn't silently ignore an invalid javax.persistence.xxxx
configuration property</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1858 - Cache a reference to MetaDataRepository in BrokerImpl</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1861 - Update maven plugins used in builds to support Maven 3.0</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1863 - update HSQL dictionary for HSQLDB 2.0</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1865 - Makes inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1868 - Miscellaneous FindBugs suggested performance improvements</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1871 - Makes inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1872 - Optimize CacheMap read performance</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1885 - Improve persistAll to avoid redundant checked on each instance</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1888 - Add generics to the Kernel</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1889 - Relax query binding parameter type-checking for enum types</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1895 - Minor reflection performance improvement.</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1917 - Cache column alias in SelectImpl
<h3><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-NewFeature"></a>New Feature</h3></li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1231 - Bean Validation sample</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1663 - Add a policy interface for targeting queries to subset of slices</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1664 - Add a policy interface for targeting finder to a subset of slices</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1681 - Produce JPA Bean Validation example and corresponding documentation</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1759 - Add support for DATETIME2 with MS SQLServer</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1773 - New OpenTrader example</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1864 - MaxDB support
<h3><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-Task"></a>Task</h3></li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1786 - Upgrade to latest JPA 2.0 TCK</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1792 - Drop JDK5 support starting with OpenJPA 2.1
<h3><a name="OpenJPA2.1.0-Test"></a>Test</h3></li>
	<li>OPENJPA-33 - Need Query Engine test bucket</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1639 - Simple openjpa-xmlstore tests</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1660 - Add support to test with Apache Bean Validation provider</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1842 - CachedEntityStatistics depends on @GeneratedValue which is not supported
in Oracle by default</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1848 - Update openjpa-integration-daytrader to perform user tasks</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1849 - testExternalValues failed with ORA-01438 Oracle exception</li>
	<li>OPENJPA-1862 - Fix 2 test cases that cause failures on DB2 9.7</li>

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