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Subject svn commit: r1093971 - in /openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual: ref_guide_logging.xml ref_guide_slice.xml
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2011 11:48:01 GMT
Author: mtylenda
Date: Sat Apr 16 11:48:01 2011
New Revision: 1093971

OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Change JSE 6 Javadoc base URL from


Modified: openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_logging.xml
--- openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_logging.xml (original)
+++ openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_logging.xml Sat Apr 16 11:48:01
@@ -429,7 +429,7 @@ Commons Logging library act as a wrapper
 APIs, including the
 <ulink url=""> Jakarta Log4J
 </ulink> project, and the native
-<ulink url="">
+<ulink url="">
 java.util.logging</ulink> package in JDK.
@@ -451,7 +451,7 @@ configuration will be the same as was di
 When using JDK logging in conjunction with OpenJPA's Commons Logging
 support, logging will proceed through Java's built-in logging provided by the
-<ulink url="">
+<ulink url="">
 java.util.logging</ulink> package. For details on configuring the built-in
 logging system, please see the
 <ulink url="">

Modified: openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_slice.xml
--- openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_slice.xml (original)
+++ openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_slice.xml Sat Apr 16 11:48:01 2011
@@ -555,7 +555,7 @@ the JDBC connection URL of a slice.
         for database operations such as query or flush on individual slices. 
         The value of the property is a 
         fully-qualified class name that implements 
-        <ulink url="">
+        <ulink url="">
         </ulink> interface.  
         Two pre-defined pools can be chosen via their aliases namely 
@@ -563,7 +563,7 @@ the JDBC connection URL of a slice.
         The pre-defined alias <classname>cached</classname> activates a 
-        <ulink url="">cached
thread pool</ulink>. 
+        <ulink url="">cached
thread pool</ulink>. 
         A cached thread pool creates new threads as needed, but will reuse 
         previously constructed threads when they are available. This pool 
         is suitable in scenarios that execute many short-lived asynchronous tasks.
@@ -573,23 +573,23 @@ the JDBC connection URL of a slice.
         The <classname>fixed</classname> alias activates a 
-        <ulink url="">fixed
thread pool</ulink>.
+        <ulink url="">fixed
thread pool</ulink>.
         The fixed thread pool can be further parameterized with 
         <classname>CorePoolSize</classname>, <classname>MaximumPoolSize</classname>,

         <classname>KeepAliveTime</classname> and <classname>RejectedExecutionHandler</classname>.

         The meaning of these parameters are described in 
-        <ulink url="">JavaDoc</ulink>.
+        <ulink url="">JavaDoc</ulink>.
         The users can exercise finer control on thread pool behavior via these
         By default, the core pool size is <classname>10</classname>, maximum
pool size is
         also <classname>10</classname>, keep alive time is <classname>60</classname>
seconds and 
         rejected execution is 
-        <ulink url="">aborted</ulink>.
+        <ulink url="">aborted</ulink>.
         Both of the pre-defined aliases can be parameterized with a fully-qualified
         class name that implements 
-        <ulink url="">
+        <ulink url="">
         </ulink> interface.

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