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Subject svn commit: r1525075 - /openjpa/site/trunk/content/jpa-specification-development.mdtext
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 18:17:22 GMT
Author: kwsutter
Date: Fri Sep 20 18:17:21 2013
New Revision: 1525075

New page for JPA Spec Development


Modified: openjpa/site/trunk/content/jpa-specification-development.mdtext
--- openjpa/site/trunk/content/jpa-specification-development.mdtext (original)
+++ openjpa/site/trunk/content/jpa-specification-development.mdtext Fri Sep 20 18:17:21 2013
@@ -1,17 +1,19 @@
-Title: Release Management
+Title: JPA Specification Development
-<a name="ReleaseManagement-ReleaseManagement"></a>
+<a name="JPASpecifcationDevelopment"></a>
-# Release Management
+# JPA Specification Development
+This page will be used to track the development of major JPA Specification levels.  The
+management of OpenJPA releases (ie. 1.x, 2.x, etc) can be found <A href="release-management.html"
title="Release Management">here</A>.
-<LI><A href="2.1-roadmap.html" title="2.1 Roadmap">2.1 Roadmap</A></LI>
-<LI><A href="apache-nexus-release-process-(1.2.x-2.1.x).html" title="Apache Nexus
Release Process (1.2.x-2.1.x)">Apache Nexus Release Process (1.2.x-2.1.x)</A>
+<LI><A href="jpa-2.1-roadmap.html" title="JPA 2.1 Roadmap">JPA 2.1 Roadmap</A>
- <LI><A href="release-setup.html" title="Release Setup">Release Setup</A></LI>
- <LI><A href="release-artifact-locations.html" title="Release Artifact Locations">Release
Artifact Locations</A></LI>
- </UL></LI>
-<LI><A href="publishing-serp-to-maven-central-repository.html" title="Publishing
Serp to Maven Central Repository">Publishing Serp to Maven Central Repository</A></LI>
+ <LI><A href="jpa-2.1-development-process.html" title="JPA 2.1 Development Process">JPA
2.1 Development Process</A></LI>
+ <LI><A href="jpa-2.1-tasks.html" title="JPA 2.1 Tasks">JPA 2.1 Tasks</A></LI>
+ <LI><A href="jpa-2.1-test-coverage.html" title="JPA 2.1 Test Coverage">JPA 2.1
Test Coverage</A></LI>
 <LI><A href="jpa-2.0-roadmap.html" title="JPA 2.0 Roadmap">JPA 2.0 Roadmap</A>
  <LI><A href="jpa-2.0-development-process.html" title="JPA 2.0 Development Process">JPA
2.0 Development Process</A></LI>
@@ -28,67 +30,4 @@ Title: Release Management
  <LI><A href="openjpa-2.0.0-milestone-3.html" title="OpenJPA 2.0.0 Milestone 3">OpenJPA
2.0.0 Milestone 3</A></LI>
  <LI><A href="openjpa-2.0.1.html" title="OpenJPA 2.0.1">OpenJPA 2.0.1</A></LI>
-<LI><A href="releasing-openjpa-1.0.x-or-1.1.x-(old-scp-steps).html" title="Releasing
OpenJPA 1.0.x or 1.1.x (Old SCP Steps)">Releasing OpenJPA 1.0.x or 1.1.x (Old SCP Steps)</A>
- <UL><LI><A href="openjpa-release-policy.html" title="OpenJPA Release Policy">OpenJPA
Release Policy</A></LI>
- </UL></LI>
-<LI><A href="releasing-openjpa-1.2.x-(old-scp-steps).html" title="Releasing OpenJPA
1.2.x (Old SCP Steps)">Releasing OpenJPA 1.2.x (Old SCP Steps)</A>
- <UL>
- <LI><A href="recovering-from-a-vetoed-release.html" title="Recovering from a vetoed
release">Recovering from a vetoed release</A></LI>
- <LI><A href="running-openjpa-examples.html" title="Running OpenJPA Examples">Running
OpenJPA Examples</A></LI>
- <LI><A href="update-release-text-files.html" title="Update release text files">Update
release text files</A></LI>
- <LI><A href="verifying-release-signatures.html" title="Verifying release signatures">Verifying
release signatures</A></LI>
- </UL></LI>
-<a name="ReleaseManagement-WhereshouldIputmyfix?"></a>
-## Where should I put my fix? 
-Fixes should be targeted and committed on trunk first. Any other open
-releases are fair game, but may require approval from a release manager. 
-<a name="ReleaseManagement-RegardingReleaseManagers"></a>
-## Regarding Release Managers
-Once a formal release of OpenJPA has been approved, a release manager is assigned. The release
manager is often (but not always) the same developer who performed the release. This release
manager role is intended to be a long term branch maintainer who looks after the stability
of a formal release. 
-The release manager(s) is(are) responsible for targeting fixes into a given version of OpenJPA.
-* Release managers may indicate this by targeting a JIRA issue for their branch or may issue
a blanket statement that any fix will be accepted. 
-* In general only the release manager(s) should target a JIRA issue for a branch which they
-    * An exception to this rule is if the RM has committed changes for their branch and forgot
to update the JIRA issue. 
-* Fixes should not be committed without RM approval. These changes may be reverted by the
release manager. 
-<a name="ReleaseManagement-Somegeneralguidelinesforreleasemanagers"></a>
-## Some general guidelines for release managers
-* Fixes which are committed to an earlier release should also be present
-"up-stream". Ie a fix for 1.0.x should also appear in 1.2.x. 
-* Issues may not apply to every release, so the previous guideline may not
-always apply.
-<a name="ReleaseManagement-ReleaseManagersforactivebranches."></a>
-## Release Managers for active branches.
-The current release managers for the active branches of OpenJPA are :
-<table border="0.5">
-<tr bgcolor="lightyellow"><th> branch </th><th> internal release
number </th><th> release manager(s)</th><th> Contact
-Release Manager before committing </th></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 0.9.7-r547073 </td><td class="border"> </td><td
class="border"> Srinivasa Segu </td><td class="border"> Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 1.0.x </td><td class="border"> 1.0.5-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> Heath Thomann, Donald Woods </td><td class="border">
Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 1.1.x </td><td class="border"> 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> Patrick Linskey, Abe White </td><td class="border">
Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 1.2.x </td><td class="border"> 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> Heath Thomann, Donald Woods </td><td class="border">
 Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 1.3.x </td><td class="border"> 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> N/A (*) </td><td class="border"> No </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 2.0.x </td><td class="border"> 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> Donald Woods, Heath Thomann </td><td class="border">
Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 2.1.x </td><td class="border"> 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> Heath Thomann </td><td class="border"> Yes
-<tr><td class="border"> 2.2.x </td><td class="border"> 2.2.2-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> Heath Thomann, Albert Lee </td><td class="border">
Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> 2.2.1.x </td><td class="border">
</td><td class="border"> Heath Thomann, Albert Lee </td><td class="border">
Yes </td></tr>
-<tr><td class="border"> trunk </td><td class="border"> 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
</td><td class="border"> N/A (*)</td><td class="border"> No </td></tr>
- **\*** There are no formal releases for these branches.
-<a name="ReleaseManagement-ContinuousBuilds"></a>
-## Continuous Builds
-We are using the Apache Hudson server for continuous builds of several releases.  Please
checkout the [Automated Builds](automated-builds.html) page for more details.

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