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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Request to Create a Branch for the "Implement the Loading of TOC and Improve TOC Fidelity with MS Word Binary Document"
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 09:57:05 GMT

On 29.06.2012 10:37, chengjh wrote:
> Thanks to Juergen and Oliver's comments..I got points as followed:
> a)If the code changes of an improvement are too many,effort is also big and
> development has to be went on for long,moreover,special testing work will
> be taken to cover the given function areas and impacted areas, that's ok to
> create a branch for the improvement..It is better to do so.
> b)If the risk and impact areas are under control,and we are confident to
> ensure the quality along with that the finished scenarios are clear and
> expected, it is better for us to deliver the code changes to main
> stream( trunk )
> directly even the deliverable is not complete.Thus QE volunteers can help
> us to find out regression defects as early as possible,and also,better
> feedback can be got in time.
> So,the selection can be decided according to the actual project's situation
> and evaluation.To the TOC Loading,we are able to deliver the code changes
> to main and finish the development work stage by stage in main
> directly..Any misunderstanding,please correct me.

The team that is working on a feature can decide what is better - working on 
trunk or working on a branch.

May be we can use the "TOC enhancements" as an opportunity to figure out a good 
and accepted way to work on branches.
Thus, I am fine with both ways for the "TOC enhancements".

Best regards, Oliver.

P.S.: I have just finished my review on the recent patch for issue 119963

> On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 3:49 PM, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 29.06.2012 03:59, chengjh wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We have proposed to implement the loading of TOC and improve TOC fidelity
>>> with MS Word binary document..And now,we have finished the loading
>>> implementation part and delivered patch for review in
>>> Because this is just
>>> the stage I code implementation, and more improvements within stage
>>> II/III/
>>> code implementation will be followed,moreover,special qe efforts are
>>> needed
>>> to cover the whole TOC function area and the impact areas,in order to
>>> decrease the negative impacts on the main stream,we request to create a
>>> branch and deliver our code implementation to the branch first, and then
>>> integrate the final qualified code to main..How about your
>>> comments?Thanks.
>>> Reference:
>>> [1]Candidate Proposal:
>>> AOO+4.0+Feature+Planning<>
>>> [2]Wiki with FS and SDD:**openoff**
>>> <>
>>> TOC <**<>
>>> **>
>> In general I think it makes completely sense to work on a branch for a
>> certain feature which takes more implementation, testing etc. efforts.
>> In this special case I am not sure, if it is needed.
>> I am currently reviewing the patch for issue 119963. It works fine from my
>> point of view. There are no open ends, it is complete and does not cause
>> any problems as far as I can see. Thus, I am planning to apply this patch
>> to trunk today or on Monday.
>> Thus, from my point of view this feature milestone and the following ones
>> are still small enough to handle them without an additional branch.
>> Best regards, Oliver.

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