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From imacat <>
Subject Re: [proposal/question] future: mediaWiki or Apache JSPWiki.
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 03:55:52 GMT
On 2012/12/03 06:35, janI said:
> JSPwiki just announced a new version:
> since it is a apache project, should we consider upgrading to jspwiki
> instead of continuing with mediawiki ?
> The upgrade will almost for sure be harder, but to me it seems beneficial
> to use products from our own "family", that way we help them and they
> hopefully help us. I am also confident that it can be done without data
> loss, which is an absolute no-go to me, we will not accept data loss.
> If it is decided to go down this path, I will contact jspWiki and get
> involved with their work so we have a real influence on how the wiki
> software evolves (especially in regard of spam control).

    If the only benefit is "our own family", I do not see this as a
strong reason to risk for either data loss or hard work.  Actually, the
previous admin Terry may have made some tweak on the MediaWiki.  The
most concern for me is not data loss (we have backup), but if the wiki
can still run as before.

    Also there are at least four questions that I see immediately.

   1. You said there will be no data loss.  Could we assume JSPWiki is a
successor of MediaWiki?

   2. Are the currently-enabled plugins have their corresponding plugins
in JSPWiki?

   3. Could there be a test machine that we can test first before change?

   4. What will be changed on the user side?

> Jan I.

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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