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From Samer Mansour <>
Subject Re: [UX][DESIGN EXPLORATION] - flat application icons
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 22:15:32 GMT
I don't know what 'dia' means.

My opinion is that we should not worry about them being all the same or all
If the product's default perspective is landscape I did landscape, vice
versa if its default if portrait I did portrait.

When we go circle we gain space for the application picture, we also gain
"circle" branding.
Vice versa, when its square we loose circle branding but can gain gull
branding, loosing space though for gull.

Also putting the gull in the circle but not in one of the two places make
it looks wrong when icon is compared to official logo.

When I open documents I see a blank page (preferably with paragraphs).
When I open spreadsheets I see cells.
When I open presentations, I see bullets and a title.
When I open draw, my first experience was clicking rectangle and placing it
down on the canvas.
When I think formulas, I think Sum (Sigma).
When I think database. I think f*** how am I going to represent that?

That's the important part, think how a (slow) user would think.
Familiarity. Pretty comes second.

On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 8:17 AM, Armin Le Grand <>wrote:

>     Hi Samer,
> nice stuff! No longer the basic 'app'-like shape, but nice ;-) I like the
> round ones, this is a visible change. I miss the gulls less than I would
> have imagined before seeing it...
> Some thoughts on looking at them:
> - The symbols in the objects are well distinguishable. The presentation
> one is rounded, the others have sharp edges. Would it be possible to have
> sharp/round for all uniquely? Maybe a unique size for all, too?
> - For Impress I still would prefer the 'dia' association, a frame with the
> classic 'dia' dimensions and an open 'window' in the center, like in the
> set from Kevin two above yours.
> Just my thoughts (and just suggestions of course)
> On 08.07.2013 17:21, Samer Mansour wrote:
>> Hi Everyone, took another stab:
>> AOO4+-+Desktop+Icons<>
>> Upon scaling down, I can tweak line thicknesses to create sharper small
>> set
>> icons, I only scaled cheap to get this draft out on the mailing list for
>> comments.
>> Here are my thoughts when creating those:
>> Flatter, sharper, more contrast, less gradients.
>> People mentions circle is part of the brand, note taken and implemented.
>> People mentioned too many gradients, I created this icon set back in
>> December 2012 before we were inspired by the flat idea. Gradients have
>> been
>> removed.
>> Someone mentioned shoot the birds, so I played Duck Hunt with them.
>> Someone said my icon for Impress was less than, I choose not to act on it
>> for the time being.
>> I like the oblique styling on the Sigma, that's what the person building
>> the shed wants to do.
>> Jurgen mentioned boarders too dark, I forgot to lighten them, but can in
>> future iterations.
>> Rob mentioned templates to be dotted, did it, works.  And its still
>> similar
>> enough for 3.x users to transition to.
>> If time is running out, we can do just the main application icon for now.
>> I'm ok with doing these for 4.1
>> On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 7:25 AM, Andre Fischer <> wrote:
>>  [stuff deleted here]
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