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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Nominations for a new PMC Chair
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 23:32:14 GMT
On 12/01/2015 Marcus wrote:
> I think both are close to each other as both
> want to strengthen the community. Louis seems to focus on marketing (and
> to improve the look other have from the outside) and Jan is focusing
> more on resource improvements inside of the project. For realizing both
> ideas we need to improve the community and its work.
> So, what about to let both try to realize this as kind of dual chair?

This is not a crazy idea at all. I mean, I'm certain that both will 
help, and that I will help actively too, and you Marcus, and all other 
active people, each in their favorite area. We will obviously need to 
elect one Chair, but this leaves unchanged opportunities for the others 
to help.

The solution to what clearly is an issue (i.e., our PMC members listed 
are not very active or very coordinated on average) can be different. 
Louis wrote about "facilitation", Jan wrote about "action", and these 
are two different ways to address the issue.

One very clear thing is that the PMC will no longer be passively 
watching the others work, in any case. So guys, be prepared to have to 
be active! Would you work better with a certain candidate than with 
another one? Do you prefer a certain style? Please use this discussion 
to briefly state and exchange your views, and then we will move to voting.


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