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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Re: installation cd or dvd
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2015 16:07:15 GMT
On Thu, 18 Jun 2015 17:27:04 +0200
Marcus <> wrote:

> Am 06/18/2015 05:03 PM, schrieb michael maloney:
> > No, you've obviously have never used linux.  This has nothing to do with a stable
or unstable internet connection.  It has everything to do with tar gz and deb files which
are a pain in the #$%#$.  It has everything to do with that fact that Apache Open Office is
user unfriendly for linux users.
> as Fedora is working with the other package manager (RPM) I don't know 
> the problems with DEB files. But that the Linux distributors prefer LO 
> *and* don't leave a way for alternative software is indeed a problem. 
> Then you have (possibly) to deinstall LO and delete remaining files 
> first before getting AOO problem-free onto disk.
> Sorry that this is not going as smoothly as it could be.
> Marcus

If one wishes to install OpenOffice on a Linux system it is helpful to completely remove LibreOffice.
 One does this quite easily on any computer using DEB files by (in a terminal):

sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*

Installation of the OpenOffice DEB files is quite simple - I download the
Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.1_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_en-GB.tar.gz package, as that is my choice
for language and bitness  - a different language or bitness choice will use a different filename
and unpack directory.

Then I use Archive Manager to extract its files into ~/Downloads/en-GB, start a terminal and
issue the following sequence of commands:

cd ~/Download/en-GB/DEBS
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
cd desktop-integration
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

and OpenOffice is installed without problems. All done and installed in about three minutes.

> >       On Thursday, June 18, 2015 3:46 PM, Marcus<>  wrote:
> >
> >
> >   Am 06/18/2015 02:01 AM, schrieb michael maloney:
> >> This would be a huge help for those of us using linux.  I used to use
> >   >  open office on my window xp years ago and I refuse to spend anymore
> >   >  man hours attempting to download open office for ubuntu unsuccessfully
> >   >  using deb files or anything.
> >
> > CDs/DVDs are not available from Apache. But I also don't know what the
> > problem should be to download it - except that fast/stable Internet
> > access is not available everywhere on the world.
> >
> > Furthermore please make sure do use always the original sources for
> > downloading software. For Apache OpenOffice it is this [1].
> >
> > A simple solution would be to download the needed installation files by
> > someone, burn it on the CD and give it to them they need it.
> >
> > [1]
> >
> > HTH
> >
> > Marcus
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Rory O'Farrell <>

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