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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Build OO from Source Code: Build Requirement Version and Repository Questions
Date Sun, 21 Jun 2015 20:40:41 GMT
Hi Jason,

Jason Marshall schrieb:
> Hello
> I have reached a relatively advanced stage of the building process and have been saving
some queries in order to put these into a single e-mail, with an awareness that this is a
busy mailing list, so hopefully not taking up too much of people's time.
> I am building OpenOffice from source code on a Windows 7 platform.  All has gone smoothly
and I am now at the point where I am about to call 'configure'.  I am aware that the current
building guide includes a call to configure which in turn includes the following arguments:
> --with-dmake-url=""
> --with-epm-url="" \

"--with-epm-url" is not necessary on Windows 7 and it should be removed 
in the guide, or it was a wrong building guide you have used. Can you 
please provide the link?

> I had assumed that the building guide was up to date, but am aware that dmake and epm
now have more up to date versions and in the case of dmake, are now hosted in a different
repository to the URL listed above.  Would my assumption therefore be reasonable in assuming
that the calls above would work with the following URLs, which I believe are the most up to

The preconditions on Windows are in such way, that the MSVC Express 9.0 
can be used. But I'm no expert for building.

When you come to ./bootstrap please read the answer from Kay with the 
workaround for the problems I have reported in my recent mail "Bootstrap 
download failures, mainly from".

Kind regards

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