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Subject review requested: [Issue 126305] WebDAV lock on 4.1.1 does not work : [Attachment 84784] Proposed patch to fix the issue, version #2
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2015 12:53:50 GMT
Giuseppe Castagno (aka beppec56) <> has asked 
for review:
Issue 126305: WebDAV lock on 4.1.1 does not work

Attachment 84784: Proposed patch to fix the issue, version #2

--- Comment #3 from Giuseppe Castagno (aka beppec56)
<> ---
Created attachment 84784
Proposed patch to fix the issue, version #2

The patch is rebased on trunk, r1683442.

It completely replaces the former one.

I added the placeholder '//->i126305' where changes where made (sfx2,
ucbhelper, comphelper, offapi, ucb).

The patch was built successfully both on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 64bit) and Windows
(Windows 7 64bit).

Changes from the previous patch version:

- fixed a regression while doing copy/paste among AOO application;

- added a correct refresh of the document while turning it to r/w from r/o
(e.g. when the other user releases the lock on the WebDAV resource). This same
refresh is operating even when you try to switch from r/o to r/w and the
document is reported as still locked, so the user can see the current document

- corrected a wrong behaviour existent in AOO 4.1.1, where the edit button on
toolbar stop functioning after you try it several time and the file is still
locked by another user;

- shortened the refresh time of the lock because some WebDAV servers even
though they are HTTP/1.1 after some time they return an error that is mapped by
serf to 'connection closed by peer'.
Time was reduced from 3 minutes down to 2 minutes to solve the problem.

- removed some unused white spaces while I was at it...

In my own opinion, this patch should be evaluated to be added to AOO 4.1.2

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