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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: ODF Plugfest: participation and leaflets
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 10:49:10 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Great!! My mistake.  Go for it: [PROPOSE], [DISCUSS], whatever.

Being realistic, this won't help much at this stage. Every message where 
we politely ask each other to start a proper discussion is a waste of 
time given the very close deadlines.

Note that I am not involved with the Plugfest at all and I happened to 
bring the issue here just because of someone's outdated address book, 
but still I'd like that we get done what we can get done.

Out of the three issues I originally mentioned:
1) Someone from OpenOffice attending
2) Updates for the leaflet
3) Financial support for the leaflet
the one that we can get done for sure is 2.

For 1) we have Louis' availability but by the time everything is 
approved it will be unrealistic that he can still arrange an 
intercontinental flight (which is a pity since we started discussing the 
Plugfest attendance three months ago, we should really learn from this).

For 3) while I do see some consensus on contributing the 100 GBP = ~135 
EUR = ~150 USD for printing the English leaflet, my worry is that we 
can't get anything decided by the deadline (Tuesday 8 September 
afternoon European time).

So, coming to item 2: I'm still hopeful we can provide up-to-date data 
about OpenOffice. You can find below what is needed, what is currently 
there and what I propose we send them (which I will have to do on 
Tuesday morning European time; if someone else takes care of it I'll be 

NEEDED           CURRENT                      PROPOSED
Software (name)  Apache Open Office           Apache OpenOffice
License          Open Source                  Open Source (ALv2)
Formats          All                          (no changes) [1]
Platforms        (empty)                      Windows, OS X, Linux, 
third-party ports to Android, FreeBSD, OS/2
Support          Community                    (no changes) [2]
Link      (no changes)
Notes            (empty)                      (empty)

[1]: Formats are the ODF file extensions, not the non-ODF file types.
[2]: Here the choice is between Community and Commercial.

Can we at least agree on this basic information for the "Applications" 
sections, which is what they need most?


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