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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: ODF Plugfest: participation and leaflets
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 19:02:05 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I am missing context.  Where are you seeing this information and where do you propose
to submit the updates?

It is page 5 of

(the document to be updated) but in a newer version that I got by mail. 
All I have is what I forwarded in the "NEEDED" and "CURRENT" column (so, 
what they need and what they provisionally put there) in the message 
where I added the "PROPOSED" column.

As for the "where" updates should be submitted: there were some people 
in CC in my mail. I don't know them. I only know that these are the 
people who are taking care of producing and updating the leaflet. So 
those are the addresses we must send the updates to.

> Is it meaningful to report that the default and recommended outputs are Extended ODF
1.2 documents (...)?

Yes, good suggestion. So instead of leaving the "Notes" field empty, 
I'll change it into "The default and recommended outputs are Extended 
ODF 1.2 documents".

Updated proposal:

NEEDED           CURRENT                      PROPOSED
Software (name)  Apache Open Office           Apache OpenOffice
License          Open Source                  Open Source (ALv2)
Formats          All                          (no changes) [1]
Platforms        (empty)                      Windows, OS X, Linux, 
third-party ports to Android, FreeBSD, OS/2
Support          Community                    (no changes) [2]
Link      (no changes)
Notes            (empty)                      The default and 
recommended outputs are Extended ODF 1.2 documents

[1]: Formats are the ODF file extensions, not the non-ODF file types.
[2]: Here the choice is between Community and Commercial.


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