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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Needing Build Instructions in Source Releases
Date Sat, 07 Nov 2015 17:32:03 GMT
On some thread, there was a comment about keeping the build instructions out
of the source release and having them somewhere else.  I can no longer find
where that was mentioned and my email-search incantations have failed me.

As was already discussed on some different lists, it is important to have
the specific instructions for the binaries we distribute be in the
corresponding source release.  That is because instructions and build
configurations change.  Yet it is important to be able to confirm a
particular build from a particular source at any time in the future, for any
purpose whatsoever.

It is also a way of making it easy for someone to learn to do a build by
replication of one, with all of its parameters and dependencies, that is
known to work.

Obviously, we do not need instructions where the only variation is setting a
parameter for, say, the language localization to use.  But all of the used
settings for that parameter in accompanying binary releases should be
documented in that source release, it seems to me, since those are the ones
we stand behind as functioning.

So, please, let's start providing that information in the sources

 - Dennis

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