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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [Issue 122233] download file name column of directory too narrow
Date Sat, 07 Nov 2015 12:45:10 GMT
This issue seems to produce stil lsome pain.

The problem is still there [1] that the file names are displayed 
truncated, so that it is not possible to see the complete filename to 
click on.

Do you think it is possible for your webmaster team to find a solution 
to improve the display and to keep your stuff you want or need to display?

AFAIK there was already an attempt to improve the problem but the 
truncation is still there, even when it is now better than before. IMHO 
now only the "Recommended Projects" box needs to be replaced somethere 
else (e.g., on the bottom or top of the file list).

It would be great.



Am 11/07/2015 01:33 PM, schrieb
> Marcus<>  changed:
>             What    |Removed                     |Added
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>             Assignee|         |issues@openoffice.apache.or
>                     |                            |g
> --- Comment #26 from Marcus<>  ---
> (In reply to orcmid from comment #25)
>> I am dissatisfied with the way this conversation went, especially with
>> regard to folks who are by no means typical end-users claiming what
>> end-users might or might not do.
>> We already had an example of a QA person (probably a power user) needing to
>> see the details.
> This is more than 1 year old and there is no further discussion. Also there are
> no further interested people on the CC list - besides the usual listeners. ;-)
>> Also, kicking the can to SourceForge is strange.  It is about how a service
>> for us works for *our* users, not typical SourceForge users.  (And so being
>> logged in is a strange condition.)
> I find it strange that you want to draw a special relation here.
> SourceForge is no service for or from Apache or OpenOffice. We are using its
> great service and they serve it to many, many others, too.
> When other projects on SourceForge also use long file names like we do, then
> they would see the same problem. I haven't looked around but, again, it's no
> special problem that belongs to OpenOffice alone.
>> I think this should remain open until we have the people who claim it is
>> important to improve are fully heard.  I just don't think it makes sense to
>> tell end-users that they need to negotiate with SourceForge themselves.
> Why should a issue stay open that has no attention and no further comments?
> And end-users do not need to search on SourceForge. For this we have our own
> download webpage.
>> And Roberto, as a member of the AOO PMC is a great candidate to carry the
>> word to SourceForge, as he has done here.  I don't want to minimize that and
>> that he offered something that could be done immediately to improve the
>> situation.
> Right, Roberto is the right one to try to change it. AFAIK he knows the issue
> but there is no solution until today. So, maybe it's not technically possible
> without to change much more on their webpage.
> @orcmid:
> Sorry, but I don't think that this issue is right placed in the issue tracker
> of OpenOffice due to the reasons I stated above. But to do something
> constructive I will notify Roberto (again) about the problem reported in this
> issue.

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