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Subject Re: University student looking for experience in contributing to Open Office.
Date Sun, 08 Nov 2015 03:18:36 GMT
Hi Andrea,
	I have already started my journey and contributed two patches thus far, and I am now familiar
with the process of executing a compatible build after modifying some code. I was thinking
of working on updating the spreadsheet formulas with the BITAND and BITOR functions, but I
can certainly put that on the back burner for the Base issue.
	I have a build of Open Office where I am able to reproduce the bug where creating a table
in design mode does not work, and it does not respond to a click. I will get to looking at
this issue now.

I use Writer the most, followed closely by Impress. I would prefer working on issues that
involve C++ code, since that is one of the main knowledge points I want to gain.


On 11/8/15, 1:11 AM, "Andrea Pescetti" <> wrote:

>Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
>>> I have successfully built OpenOffice on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)  ...
>>> The next step I would like to take is, as instructed previously, ask if
>>> anyone has any open projects that they would not mind mentoring me on.
>> Is there anything in particular you would like to develop? I would be
>> willing to mentor you.
>Hello Jatin,
>if you prefer to play more with something specific before figuring out, 
>as per Damjan's suggestion, something you wish to work on, you could 
>start with a 4.1.2 bug that is currently being discussed.
>Apparently Base on Mac OS X (only on Mac OS X) has a bug that makes it 
>impossible to create a table in design mode. It will help if you have 
>available 4.1.1 (where this works), 4.1.2 (where this is reported to be 
>broken) and your own build. You should confirm the bug on 4.1.2 and on 
>your own (trunk) build. Then you can try reverting 
> and checking whether 
>this fixes the problem. The relevant Bugzilla issue is 
> but it's highly 
>recommended to read 
> too.
>This would be a very nice way to start.
>Then, as Damjan wrote, you should tell us your preferences, at least the 
>modules you use more often. One medium-size project related to Impress 
>could be this one but 
>this depends on your interests.
>   Andrea.
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