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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: FOSDEM 2019: no Open Document Editors devroom?
Date Tue, 25 Dec 2018 07:52:41 GMT
I have received now some feedback on Infra. A dump of Bugzilla without
Attachment is still 700 MB.

This are a lot of bugs. Also I had a look at my timing table, and I am
not sure I can prepare the talk until FOSDEM.

Also I think the UNO talk is not really fitting to Open Document
Devroom, so I submitted it as original planned as Fast talk.

Sadly I have no topics on this short notice to talk about, that I find
interesting and fit into my time table.

So I will stick to my original plan. I am sorry.

All the Best


On 21.12.18 13:41, Peter Kovacs wrote:
> This is a real surprise. Full +1 on your actions Andrea. I would have
> been fine with just visiting.
> I will try to put one topic together then for FOSDEM, but 24th is a
> little of short notice. Also I have already planned my time different.
> Currently I have 2 planned projects that could modified into FOSDEM talks.
> 1) The UNO-Project would focus around the question the benefit of
> separating the UNO - Framework in an own Project.
> 2) Analysis on the Bug tracker. I have planned to focus around Questions
> like
> How can we deal with the 3K unconfined and 10K confirmed issues? Is
> there a way to improve the Clustering in the Bug tracker?
> How old are our Bugs? How many Support request do we get in Bugzilla?
> Which Bugs have never been looked at?
> How are we doing on the Bugtracker?
> And so on. I have no clue what other Questions will come to my mind. And
> not all are good for a FOSDEM Presentation.
> Anyone with other Ideas that can be done? - If we work together maybe we
> can bring out 1 or 2 Talks. I volunteer if you need a speaker.
> What I would like to do, but that I have no time for is OpenOffice
> Architecture, where we are where to go. But I am sure I will not manage
> this until February.
> Maybe 2020.
> All the Best
> Peter
> On 21.12.18 12:41, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> On 13/10/2018 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>>> The organizers confirmed that the devroom won't run in 2019, so
>>> neither OpenOffice nor similar programs will get a devroom
>> We have a surprise: the devroom is now back in the FOSDEM schedule.
>> Please submit your talk by 24 December if interested.
>>> It is normal that FOSDEM rotates subjects of their devrooms and we
>>> should be grateful to organizers for having given us a devroom in
>>> several years so far
>> Just to be clear, I stood by what I wrote, and simply respected the
>> organizers and their decision; so I merely thanked them for the many
>> years of support and didn't complain. But apparently some secret talks
>> or lobbying activities, that I had no role in, brought the devroom back.
>> So you can take advantage of this if you wish to submit an
>> OpenOffice-related talk to FOSDEM 2019. Please find the Call for
>> Participation link at - deadline 24
>> December.
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea.
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