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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [WIKI] Blank pages in wiki DevGuide
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2018 23:01:17 GMT
Carl Marcum wrote:

> Does that mean the pages are lost or haven't been migrated?

A blank page in this case is the external appearance of a 500 (Internal 
Server Error). So, even though I cannot investigate right now and I'll 
be busy for the next few days, we shouldn't be worried about the 
content, as it has all been migrated; probably those pages include a 
plugin that is either incompatible with the current server setup or 
expects some setup to be there (like an installed system library or 
special file permissions).

Fortunately this kind of issues is (obviously) easy to discover and 
often easy to fix, as the specific error will be easy to find in system 

It would be good to have confirmation that those pages were working 
correctly on the old MWiki server. Did you just bump into them or you 
remember reading/editing them recently on the old server?


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