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From Mechtilde <>
Subject Re: [Status] New Chance for Translation Teams
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2018 14:31:57 GMT

Am 09.12.18 um 15:47 schrieb Mechtilde:
> Hello Andrea
> Am 09.12.18 um 14:24 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>> On 07/12/2018 Mechtilde wrote:
>>> now a big step is done.

>> - aoo40help is not aligned yet (for all languages or just for some?) but
>> it is in the plans to update it.
> I will do the update step-by step. some languages failed with gsicheck
> for *sdf. There are some problems with excaping and backslashes. So I
> have to take each language manually, create *sdf file, do the gsichesk
> and correct them in *sdf and pootle.
> then I I neet to do it only one time. But this takes some time.
>> It is particularly important to know if all languages are aligned since
>> this helps a lot in coordination, otherwise some teams are working on
>> one version and some on another one. And as we have reused the old
>> projects there is no way to tell this besides your report.
> The languages I mentioned before have the help files aligned the recent
> code base.

Now also aoo40help is aligned with the code and with aoo40ui
> If anyone want to work on other languages, please give me a hint and
> alittle bit time. I will change the order of correcting the helpfiles then.
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea

Kind regards

Mechtilde Stehmann
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