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From Mechtilde <>
Subject Re: [discussion] svn migration plan
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2019 05:24:35 GMT
Hello Branko,

Am 21.07.19 um 02:01 schrieb Branko Čibej:
> On Sun, 21 Jul 2019, 01:42 Peter Kovacs, <> wrote:
>> Hi brane,
>> The threads are linked in my first post.
> Thanks ... Sorry I missed those.
>> It is for me a workflow thing.
>> I need a decentral versioning system instead of a central one.
> Which particular "decentralised" feature do you miss most? For example,
> there's work going on to implement client-side shelving (similar to 'git
> stash'), it's experimental but available in various forms  in the last 3
> Subversion (minor) releases

Most of the missing features were the reason why Git was developed.
As Peter said SVN is centralized, Git is decentralized.
With Git you can do your own home branch without publishing for testing.
And then you can do a Merge Request (on Github it is named Pull Request)

With Git you need one Repo e.g. with the two branches trunk and 42x.
With SVN you have two branches to checkout. So you need double space to
hold the repo locally for testing

> I assume you mean git-svn? I'm not surprised.
> Thanks for taking the time to respond. Looks like nothing short of making
> svn just another git would make you change your mind. :)


Kind regards

Mechtilde Stehmann
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