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From Matthias Seidel <>
Subject Re: [discussion] svn migration plan
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2019 09:08:45 GMT
Hi Peter,

Am 21.07.19 um 12:27 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
> back to the initial discussion.
Obviously you didn't read my mail until the end...
> I have created the request. Simply requesting that trunc, branch and
> tags are moved. All other folders should remain as is.
> I hope this suits everyone.

Do we have the necessary code changes ready?

We use the SVN revision in our About dialog, and for creating the source
builds. This has to be adapted when we switch to git.
Using the git hash (short or long) instead? This should have been



BTW: My latest builds are based on a checkout from git, no problems so far.

> Please review:
> On 21.07.19 01:42, Peter Kovacs wrote:
>> Hi brane,
>> The threads are linked in my first post.
>> It is for me a workflow thing.
>> I need a decentral versioning system instead of a central one. 
>> And I want github as public patch interface. 
>> Both do not work with svn.
>> I add a reason that I heard at work. Young people do not know svn. They expect to
work with git.
>> IMHO it is  a dumb argument but in my country the fresh people from university are
dictating a little their working environment.
>> Ahh and git has major pains reading OpenOffice svn repo. So I can't even use git
as a client. 
>> All the best.
>> Peter
>> Am 21. Juli 2019 01:17:32 MESZ schrieb "Branko Čibej" <>:
>>> Hi AOO devs,
>>> I just stumbled onto this thread. Coming from subversion.a.o, I'm
>>> saddened
>>> to see you've decided to switch to Git. Could someone please summarise
>>> the
>>> reasons for this decision, or give me a link to the discussion in the
>>> mail
>>> archives? I'd very much like to know if it was caused by some specific
>>> problem or missing feature in Subversion that we may be able to
>>> address.
>>> -- Brane
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