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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: [discussion] CMS migration
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2019 22:07:17 GMT

On 30.07.19 23:32, Jörg Schmidt wrote:
> Hello, 
> A fundamental question first:
> The "CMS migration" won't touch the wiki content? Right?
> (i mean:
Not in the focus in this discussion. Personally I would like to. But
this is a huge amount of work too. And not something we should target now.
>> I had a quick look at the content. I think we do not need to migrate
>> everything. We should think about reducing the content.
>> So we could try to identify the most important Pages, that are still
>> useful and then make a switch, taking offline everything 
>> else, but keep
>> the SVN as archive. If there is interest in the material that 
>> we did not
>> migrate we could add a migration request page.
> Sorry, but:
> What you are proposing here is an extremely large amount of work, _work that needs to
be done carefully_.
I think we are all clear on this. Thats why I try to chop it into
smaller parts so we can work sometimes on it. And have some sort of
natural selection.
> If we make mistakes, the loss of information will be a disaster. Not necessarily for
the project, but for millions of users.
> For example, there are (probably) tens of thousands of websites that link to pages from Our goal must be to maintain or redirect these link targets. 
If we want to stay alive we need to be able to break eggs. So if we have
room to do this it is fine, if not it is bad. Imho the freezed version
for might counter your concern.
> I don't understand:
> Why is migration necessary at all?
> I don't like the fact that programmers here spend time with this discussion (and possibly
later with the migration), because the (unfortunately) few programmers we have should concentrate
fully on the further development of the program.
The Software that drives our CMs is at end of live. We need replace it
with something that is still alive.
>> @all
>> Maybe it would be nice to make a memorial. publishing a
>> freezed version of what is online today. It is maybe a stupid 
>> Idea, but
>> looking through all the stuff, it feels like moving through old times.
> No, that's not a stupid idea. I explicitly support this idea, less as a memorial but
rather as an archive and backup.
thanks Jörg. Archieve or memorial are both fine for me. And useing might be also good for this.
> greetings,
> Jörg
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