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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Open Tasks (was: Hiii)
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2019 09:37:14 GMT
Hello Jenni,

Okay, lets bring this back to the List.

I try to sum up by Topic what is going on. If I forgot something it
slipped my mind. Everyone is invited to add stuff. There is no
particular order. The numbers are for easier reference.

1) Translation process

OpenOffice offers a lot of languages (I think 60?) that can it setup to.
A community works on their translations on a pootle server.

The Project build our own pootle servers up with updated servers which
are now in our maintenance ability. Before they were maintenanced by the
foundations infra team.

We talk about the switch from the infa service to our community service.
Mechtilde is here in lead I would say.

2) Migration of static Webpages

We have lots of web stuff. We have Static Webpages, a Media Wiki and a
Confluence Wiki with information in it. (it is historical grown)

Now the static Web pages need to be moved. We currently use an
unmaintained system that parses Markup language into static pages.

The new system offered by Infra (short for foundation Infra) is a
combination of tools. Dave is there in lead, I think and George wanted
to help. I have no Idea what status this project has.

3) Migration of the build System

We use an old make build system called dmake. On top of it and in the
background there are various scripts active, that build open office.
This whole thing is unmaintained.

We move to Gnu make. I think this is 90% done. The remaining
translations are difficult to do. Damjan is there in the lead (and the
only one involved?)

4) OpenOffice Win 64 bit translations

We currently only offer a 32bitWindindows Version. Damjan is migrating
it to 64 bit. I am unsure on the status. Build knowledge required ;)

5) OpenOffice Code renew

We still use C-Arrays in our code. This are potentially a security
threat. Patricia, had started before her pause to replace those with
modern C++ vectors.

We should continue on this. This is I think newbe friendly task. But we
need to check her last commits to see the pattern.

And you need to be able to build OpenOffice for this. Project is
currently on hold.

6) Code Documentation.

For me as a newbe it is very hard to understand what the code does. so I
started to document the code.

I want to understand which modul is has which responsibility on high
level. I try to document this at [0]:

Also I try to get more inline Comments added.

I am currently looking into autodoc. Maybe we stick to it, maybe move to
another maintained system. Discussion is still tbd.

7) Bug overview.

I try to sort the bugs into topics and categories.

My hope is that we can handle them better. or have teams caring on them.

Our Bugtracker is Bugzilla, which is faster when you have a bad internet
connection, and it is opensource.[1]

I have opened up a Jira account where I try to do the clustering. [2]

help and Ideas are appreciated.

8) solving bugs for 4.2.0

We have a critical list that needs to be done before we can start a beta
for release 4.2.0.

I have no clue where this list was :( I take a look, and tell later or
maybe someone else has it ready?


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Subject: 	Re: Hiii
Date: 	Sun, 15 Dec 2019 11:00:38 +0200
From: 	Jennie Klein <>
To: 	Peter Kovacs <>

For me this is all new so I'm not sure how it works, it would probably
be helpful to get specific directions on how to get up to date on the
project. First thing I saw was a bunch of messages about the project
that I was still not familiar with.
So maybe some kind of beginner instructions on how to get started.
So what is the next steps I need to do to be up to date? And know what's
going on and how I can help?

On Sun, 15 Dec. 2019, 10:55 Peter Kovacs, <
<>> wrote:

    Yes take your time that is fine. I am just worried because people
    usually post that they want to start and then do not write anything

    We are not sure where people give up. So we cannot help or lower the
    barrier at this point. That is why I wanted try to get feedback.

    What you can do we should talk on the list so people benefit.

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