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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: New Challange ODF 1.3 is out
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2020 16:25:15 GMT
Small correction:

I am greatfull to all involved for ODF 1.3. I do not want to exclude
anyone. I think this is really Awesome!

And I whish someday, AOO will have also people somehow helping to
develop ODF format further.

I am sure there is still lot of work to do.

All the Best


On 09.02.20 17:22, Peter Kovacs wrote:
> My personal opinion in this matter is that it does not matter what
> others do. All that counts is that ODF 1.3 is out.
> If others want to join the party everyone is welcome. If they do not
> want to that is fine, too.
> I am personal very happy that the TDF has managed to organize this. And
> I am excited to work on this.
> So I would like to focus on the Todos what we need to do in order to get
> this done.
> My fist Ideas would be:
> # compare 1.3with 1.2 or see if we get any other compares of changes.
> # Then we need to check what is covered by the 1.2 extended implementation.
> # 3 We need to make a plan what is to implement for 1.3 and make a
> tracking list of features and tests to implement.
> Any more Ideas?
> All the Best
> Peter
> On 09.02.20 12:28, Jörg Schmidt wrote:
>> Hello, 
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Pedro Lino [] 
>>> Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2020 11:51 AM
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: New Challange ODF 1.3 is out
>>> Hi Peter, all
>>>> Just a heads up. On FOSDEM I learned that TDF managed to 
>>> raise money and
>>>> do the work for ODF v 1.3.
>>> I believe this is a quite relevant announcement!
>>> If ODF 1.3 is only used by a single Office suite then it will 
>>> no longer be "software independent" which IMHO defeats the 
>>> purpose of an Open Document format...
>>> On the other hand given that ODF 1.3 is currently not an ISO 
>>> standard, Microsoft will not care about it until it is (in 
>>> fact they are making sure that ODF is not used at all)
>>> This will also isolate AOO since Open Documents will only 
>>> travel in one direction without feature loss (much like what 
>>> happens now with Microsoft's XML formats)
>> You described it very well.
>> I myself have been following the development of ODF from the very beginning and I
have to underline what you write, or rather I have to take a critical look at the approach
of the TDF, because:
>> In terms of a free, uniform format for office documents and the declared intention
to formulate this standard as an ISO standard, it is regularly counterproductive for LO to
deviate from this and implement OASIS standard.
>> We all know what to think about MS in general ... but ... the approach of MS to ODF
to implement the ISO standard is an understandable and reasonable decision.
>> I make this assessment for the following reason:
>> if it wasn't important that ODF was defined as an ISO standard, you could have stuck
with the OASIS standard from the beginning.
>>> Maybe it is in OASIS' interest (and even TDF's?) that other 
>>> software adopts ODF 1.3 and that they could/should provide 
>>> some support/developer time?
>> Probably this is a pragmatically correct question and we have no real possibility
to behave better.
>> However, we should keep in mind that the behaviour of the TDF is not optimal as far
as the interests of the sum of all users are concerned.
>> It is likely that MS is playing a similar game with OOXML, but the FOSS community
should not see this as an example or excuse for their own actions.
>> greetings,
>> Jörg
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