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From Pedro Lino <>
Subject Re: Proposals
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2020 23:29:36 GMT
Hi Marcus, all

> On 09/09/2020 6:31 PM Marcus <> wrote:

> Or start a new vote that includes all proposed logos. Then it's up to 
> the vote starter to collect all proposed logos upfront. ;-)

I have hacked an image that I hope can be agreed upon or modified rapidly to reach agreement

1) Uses open-source as mentioned in Merriam-Webster (and in this context it is an adjective)
2) Uses a more lively color (#FF6000)
3) Adds the word Free (which seems relevant)
4) The added text is isolated by an ellipse
5) The font used is Source Sans Pro (v3) 13pt Italic which is freely available on Github
6) It is available as an SVG so it can be edited and translated
(although I think it is not possible to include a translated logo per language and starting
l10n for this would definitely stop the release)

If this proposal is more consensual I could stop the current vote and start a new one with
the current proposals including this one (or any one that is agreed upon)


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