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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: About 20th anniversary plans
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2020 23:47:39 GMT
I am +1, if not Matthias is the one who does everything.

It should be a community thing. We got some pictures from the french List.

If i.e. Pedro can create a patch to add them in, I think it is great.

I am kind of negative if in the End Matthias has to do it all alone.

We have to get more people get involved in such stuff.

I hope I could make myself clear on the constraints I see ;)

All the Best


Am 07.09.20 um 00:16 schrieb Matthias Seidel:
> Hi Pedro,
> Am 07.09.20 um 00:00 schrieb Pedro Lino:
>> Hi Matthias
>>> On 09/06/2020 5:44 PM Matthias Seidel <> wrote:
>>> Well, I didn't create a graphic for the Intro because I really think it
>>> is not needed.
>>> If others want one, this should be discussed.
>> Then let's discuss :)
>> I think that for a matter of consistency both screens should be kept similar. Is
it not what is done for a Test build or a Developer build?
> I do it for my personal Test Builds and we did it for Dev Builds. But
> there is no rule for it.
> AOO 4.1.8 being a "normal" build (just happening around the 20th
> anniversary) only needs a modified About graphic (IMO).
> But I will step back, since I would be the one to do the work (as I
> already did) and wait what others think of it.
>>>>> So, which would be the proper folder and why don't you crate a Pull
>>>>> Request? ;-)
>>>> I would say main/default_images/introabout?
>>> Yes, but that would override our "original" graphic.
>> But only for branch 4.1.8 which will not be further developed?
> Of course we can restore the old graphic in branch 419 when it is
> branched off 418.
> But I will not decide that, since it is easier for me to specify it in
> configure.
>> I assume this does not affect the other branches. If it does, then it should be somewhere
>>> A Pull Request cannot break stuff. It is easy to do on GitHub.
>> Pull? Shouldn't it be Push? I'm not sure if I won't break stuff and it's less than
a month for release...
> Git calls it Pull requests:
> Branch 418 is almost 12 month old. And it will be released when it is
> "ready"
> Regards,
>     Matthias
>> Regards
>> Pedro
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